Myofacial Pain Syndrome?

My DC says I have it, GP does too! Anyone else been tagged? Not surprised if we all don't have it just wondering if any of you were diagnosed?

SK, in 2002 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofacial Pain. I have gone thru PT; OT; Ayurveda; yoga; diet changes; many meds; lymphatic cleansing techniques and exercise stretches. The best thing that I did was go to an OT who specializes in Fibro and does Myofacial Release. The massages and stretching that she did for me was the best relief of pain and tightness I have ever experienced. Unfortunately she is in Ohio and I live in FL now...I have not found anyone down here that has the experience she does. Not only does FMS cause trigger point pain but the CMP causes me to pull muscles very easily due to the fascia being so tender and inflames easily. So reaching for a pan in the kitchen can cause pain for the next several days. Sorry to hear you are dealing with this too, but I am here to tell you that the PsA pain is so much more intense than the FMS or CMP has ever been. Either that or I could deal with the flares better in the past than now. Sorry if this seems to be a ramble and I guess I was whining a little here too. Thanks for listening.

yep I got it too

I see a massage therapist weekly, physio monthly .

Well, whine away, we have to or our spouses would have run off long ago, as I was telling someone, my husband has a ''bunker in the basement'! LOL!!

It's like you can never have just one thing, all of these other syndromes, phenomenons, conditions, disorders, jump on for the ride!

I get so inflamed that no one can touch me, not even my DC., and I am so overdue to see him for some relief, it's just the car ride to get there, it is my very worst pain!

They will not send me to PT or OT, they think they will crash me because they push you so hard so fast in order to get results in a the alloted time given by the Insurance companies.

Well, I figure that I was not alone, pick a topic anytime and start a discussion about it, we're ready! LOL!!

Be well, be happy!


Speaking of the car ride...we are getting ready to go on a vacation that will require lots and lots of driving/riding. I don't know how I am going to handle it; I can invision myself so stiff and painful when I get out of the car. I can't really take anything cause I will have to do some driving to give my husband relief. Should be interesting to say the least.

Funny how you go to the DC and actually my DC is the one who figured out what was going on with me and sent me to a rheumy; after the xrays of the spine my DC wouldn't do anymore adjustments. So haven't been in a very long time.

Wow, guys, sorry to hear this! Sounds awful.

I have so many syndromes and conditions I could be a med school speciman all on my own LOL. I have not had a chiropractor adjustment in 4 years now. I just can't stand the pain.

Oh trees, I know, I have had those moments myself, still do! If he were closer, I would be constantly there. Would have loved to have married one! LOL!!

Definition of Myofacial Pain Syndrome:

(MPS) also know as Chronic Myofacial Pain Syndrome (CMP) is characterized by chronic pain of the connective tissue constrictions from trigger points. Symptoms are sleep disturbance, limited range of motion and referred pain. the pain is steady, aching and deep. Knots can be visible and felt beneath the skin. It can affect any area of the body and can range from mild discomfort to lightning like pain, that cannot be relieved with heat, ice, rest or general first aide...

Sound familiar? This is just a quick definiton, much more info can be found.

We all probably have it, kids!

I've gotten the dx of both..*shrugs* who knows lol My whole body is pain lol

I found a great chiro who deals with a lot of auto immune if I could only afford to go see him! lol

Me too, a great one, not only affording, mine is car riding to get there, every little bump is bad for my back, by the time I get home, feels like I never went! How long ago was your dx?

Sounds like we have much in common, much to talk about!

Haven't talked to you Kasondra, pretty name!


was dx in 2009( a year after my symptoms began, I was lucky). They also think I may have anklydosing spondylitis as well as my now dx of Degenerative disc disease(those came I think around a year later).

With my insurance it was $14 to see him, now w/out it is $40.

Yep, got it, too. Used to get trigger point injections that helped greatly, but we lost the pain specialist who did them. Too bad--he was a great guy. I also get deep massage that helps.

Oh my, it never just rains does it? It just gets inconceivable after a while, doesn't it? It's a great world until you get sick or hurt!