The constant pain is getting me down

today I had a bit of a cry with the frustration of the constant nagging pain in my body from head to toe there is not a muscle in my body that does not hurt ,so I went to my GP whom I work for and ask for a referral to go back and see my Rheumy and he can't see me for another week,I had a CT scan of my cervical and lower back and a ultrasound of my shoulder, I have a tear and a inflamed bursa in my shoulder bulging disc and arthritic changes on multi facet joints from my cervical spine down to my lower back just to add everything,so I mentioned to my GP about the pain thru out all my muscles and that I thought that the PsA was suppose to just affect the joints and he said thats all it is suppose to affect and he is a very good DR so after feeling my symptoms and reading everyone elses just shows the GP's don't really know the extent how this can effect people,so I am going to have a better talk next weekto my Rhuemy as I need to know a better way of managing the pain to be able to continue working ,funny thing is I work for GP's but I don't say anything unless it is in a consult then they look at me funny because on the outside I like to appear friendly ,happy and bubbly and to the patients as they are there for many reasons and when they see me hobbling on some days and looking really tired I just make a joke to try and keep a sense of humour.I will take some more painkillers tonight and hopefully have a better day tomorrow

Good luck, and sorry you feel bad today, you will feel much better soon, I'm sure you will talk about options and or changes in your medication when you see your RMY, until then I wish you wonderful better days, the fog always lifts after a good cry.

the fog always lifts after a good cry

Great line, Michael! Wendy, besides talking to your GP & rheum, have you considered getting a massage, or trying physical therapy? I'm sorry you're in so much pain, hopefully you'll get some relief!

Wendy - the constant pain can be hard to deal with.

When joints are out of whack, our muscles will hurt as well. Many find chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy, massage, and/or acupuncture helpful.

I hope you find some relief soon.

I know just how u feel. Mine started in my hips joints. These last two years my back has been really bad. Come to find out, i have osteoarthritis, bulging disc, and pinched nerve. And my neck is starting to hurt constantly. Its never ending. Especially when u work 8 to 11 hours a day. But. Im proud of myself for staying at work. We have a fmla. So that really helps when i have bad days. If it wasnt for pain killers i wouldnt be able to leave the house in the morning. Mornings are the worst for me. But i keep an open mind and continue to push through. This site is a life saver. I dont feel like im complaining to a ghost anymore.

Thanks everyone so glad I found this site so many comforting people I was feeling very sorry for myself yesterday and I dont want to complain to people because they just dont know to the extent it feels ,and the fog did lift a bit today especially after some pain killers!!! I did see a physiotherapist on monday and she did suggest the benefits of massages and Im going to get back to have hydrotherapy I hear a lot about chiropractors on this site how do they benefit our conditions ?

Hi Wendy, Sorry you need this support group, but isn't it wonderful it is here. I feel the same way you do. As I was reading your story, I found it interesting about the shoulder problem you are having. As we "speak", I am recuperating from shoulder surgery for a tear, bone spurs and arthritis. I agree with your comment about GP's. I told mine for years about my joint and muscle pains and there was always a reason, "the weather", "you're getting older", "maybe your coming down with a cold", "you're overweight", "you're doing too much", etc. I finally made an appointment with a Rheumatologist myself and just got diagnosed a few months ago. I so understand the frustration. I am angry, depressed, somewhat in denial, and at times, feel very sorry for myself; but I am trying to accept what is happening to me, and hoping I can move past these feelings. I hope your appointment goes well and you can get some relief from the symptoms. Good luck.

Sheila, it's really easy to let this get you down! Especially if you're like me, I've always been independent, and now I'm not! Plus I already suffer from chemical depression, and I have 2 small kids to take care of. My husband & my son both have severe ADHD, so that's a lot of stress I just have to deal with. Job status is up in the air (it's a really long story) so that's a ton of stress that won't be resolved until probably September. We're in debt, underwater on our mortgage, and every penny counts. My kids go to a private school that is perfect for them academically, but every time I turn around they're taking a day off, so there goes any vacation time I manage to build up. Plus, I'm overweight, and every time I try to do something about it, either my family sabotages me, or I injure myself at the gym. Some days it just feels pointless to even get out of bed!

And yet, we have to. I don't know about you, but I refuse to let a disease beat me! I talked to my rheum about physical therapy, and since my rheum is from a background in Eastern medicine, he was all for it. I do strengthening exercises in the pool, and it seems to help. Every day, I try to find something to laugh about. I try to surround myself with beautiful things, and positive people. I've learned to stop being ashamed when I need help with simple things. My PSA is currently in my hands and wrists, one shoulder, and one hip, so I'm sure you can imagine the amount of things I need help with!

But really, I think that being here on this forum, we can see how others handle things; we can find out that we're not alone, that what we're going through isn't weird and unexplainable. We can get support that maybe we can't get elsewhere. And in talking to all these others, it's made me more assertive about my healthcare, asking for specific tests, second opinions, instead of just taking the word of someone else who doesn't live in my skin. Best of luck, Wendy, and let us know what therapies you try and what success you have!

I feel your pain. My job sucks and my body hurts so I feel sometimes like I can’t move or even breath. I just want to go to bed a sleep for a week not talk to anyone or see anyone (kind o,f hard with a 35 month old and a 19 month old.). I’m thinking about a massage as well and looking into Transindental meditation to m aye help with the stress.

Wendy, Im glad you're better today. My cry was today! I have always been really good at hiding my pain. I sit at my computer, read y'all stories and feel at home. But as of today, I can no longer hide. this hurts!!!! Then, one of the nurses from Enbrel called for a followup, during my cry, to tell me all about PsA and the affects it can have on your body. I don't know about the rest of you, but reading it and someone telling you....two different things.

I called my rheumy, thank goodness she can see me Tuesday. Im reallllllyyyyy hoping that she can get me some relief. Thanks again to all yall for sharing and supporting on this site! :-) Wishing you all a better day tomorrow than you had today!

It’s encouraging to read this and know im not alone. I haven’t told anyone friends/family about my PA and I just try to deal, but this latest flare has hit me hard and it’s tough to get through the day, I feel a little hopeless, like this disease is just dragging down my life, I wish it would leave me alone I have too much to do! I work full time and take care of two special needs kids (who are very special)

Hi Wendy,

I'm sorry that your in so much pain. I hope that you and your Rheumy can figure out something that works for you.