My son is experiencing some symptoms, need advice

Hello everyone!
I need your advice. My son, age 10, is having a flare of his eczema on his hands and feet. He has also expressed some pain in his knees. We are currently working with his dermatologist to clear up the eczema with steroids but we are considering a new medication, injection, that has helped with eczema in children.
He has grown a lot in the past few months and I am wondering if he knee pain is growing pains or something worse. There is no swelling. He is a very outdoors kind of kid and comes in with cuts and scrapes all the time.

When did you start experiencing PsA symptoms? What things should I watch out for? What are your thoughts on a 10 year old starting medication?

My background: I remember having leg pains when I was very young, around 6 or 7. I had very bad eczema as well. My parents did not “believe” in doctors so I never got help. Not until I was in college.


If he is an early maturer like I was he might just be getting ready for that next growth spurt. I’m just thankful that the skin grew back on my knees and elbows! If he appears to become inactive after rest and pain increases…Your/his doctor should be able to quickly rule out bigger issues.

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Thank you!! I appreciate your advice.

I had swollen knee at 14 or so. Chondromalacia patella they said it was. Did a bit of googling and looks like passing knee problems are common in very active kids. Hopefully it is something temporary but I understand your concern. It’s something for the doctors for sure.

Thank you @Sybil. I will bring it up at his derm appointment next month. If he needs to see my rheumy I’ll make an appointment.

I agree–it is probably normal growing up stuff. BUT, with a possible genetic propensity for arthritis, I’d check with a juvenile rheumatologist to rule out JRA (just for peace of mind if nothing else.) Best wishes for you and your son.


Very true. I will mention it at our derm appointment next month if he continues to complain about it. Then we can go from there.

Kids don’t grow a little bit all the time. They may grow 3/4” in one day then not again for a month.
The growth is what causes pain in the epiphysys or Growth plates.

Thanks ken! That’s very true.

I was diagnosed with PSA when I was 34. I did have psoriasis but it was very mild. My son suffered with quite severe psoriasis since he was born but began to ease when he reached his teenage years. He has had a kidney transplant and my consultant said in all probability he will not experience PSA because of the rejection medication he is on. My daughter has had mild psoriasis on and off for many years. She is now experiencing joint pains. Her inflammation markers are borderline. My daughters daughter who is ten years old has had extremely severe eczema since she was born. She has been treated with various creams also steroid ointment. Everything has been trial and error as she suffers from two types of eczema . She has a dairy and soya intolerance but this is managed very well. She has just been diagnosed with hyper mobility and is receiving physio. It has been a long haul with her medical problems and I have to say she remains cheerful through the it while whilst constantly scratching !!! I am interested in the injection you mentioned. Have you got any details of this medication. I hope you get some answers re your sons joint pain . Best wishes

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I am now in my early seventies and when I was a child about 11 or 12 years of age. I suffered from such bad knee pain that it made me cry from the pain. My parents were not one to rush me off to see the Doctor but eventually Mum did take me to our local doctor. He said it was growing pains.

The interesting thing about my case was about 10 years later I had to go into hospital to have my tonsils removed and one of the Doctors at the hospital discovered that i had a heart murmur. He asked if I suffered from joint pain and I told him about the growing pains. I was informed by this doctor that there is no such thing as growing pains and I am still not sure if this is true or not. That doctor said the knee joint pain was likely to be due to suffering from Rhuematic Fever and it generally shows up as a heart murmur about 10 years later In no way am I suggesting what happened to me relates to your son, it is just what happened to me. My point being that it is worth checking further to rule out that it is not something more than growing pains. Lets hope it is nothing more than just growing pains for your son as growing pains will pass in time. Be prepared that the doctors do not always have all the answers. We as parents need to know we did whatever we feel is necessary when it comes to a childrens health.


Hello Jeanne!
It is good to hear from you. I was diagnosed around the age of 30, after I had my son, but I remember having pains in my childhood and into my teen years. Seems like your kids are troopers to me! Dealing with so much so young but they have you to help them.

The medication is Dupixent. The Derm said it’s for mild to severe eczema. I do not know much more than that since I have not researched it yet. My husband is a pharmacist and has looked into it and likes what he sees. We are waiting on a packet from the drug company with all the information on it. I plan on doing my own research too.
Thank you and good luck to your daughter!

Hello Bella! Thank you for sharing your story. It does help a great deal. I will check with his doctor.
Were you able to fix the murmur? Thats very interesting that joint pain leads to a heart murmur. I will have to look into that more.

Have a wonderful day!

I still have the heart murmur, It is not considered serious enough to do anything about it. Some doctors hear it and others don’t All the best for you and your son

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