My new friend.....Remacaide

Just a quick update. Had my second infusions and so far this is my new BEST FRIEND! I am still amazed at the transformation. After the fist one I saw a BIG improvement on the third day. All that fist week I was zipping around. The joke in the house as I told everyone I was young again. But come the second week I was back to pain again. Couldn't wait for my next infusion the following week. That took place this past Thursday. After two days of feeling totally wiped out, I once again feel pain free except in my back. But I am able to walk without my cane. So I have high hopes for this medication to continue to work. For anyone out there considering it, I say go for it and give it a try. Thank you everyone for the prayers and words on encouragement. They were most appreciated and really did help.

Hello Dear Elizabeth,

How wonderful for you to feel so well! Isn't it just the greatest? It is worth all the indecision, and fear, once you feel that kind of 'lift'!! Feeling this well is such a gift to your person and your personalitly! I feel myself running short too and by Friday (injection day) I am tired and hurting! Oh well, I'll take the good days, and maybe after we get enough in us, we won't feel that drag. There are many afraid to take these new drugs, we were, but it didn't stop us! Like Nike says "just do it", right, Liz? I am so happy to share your good news, and feeling good. I'm going out to see my flowers today, I may even be able to reach down and touch them, for a change!

Hugs to you girl!


Wow! How encouraging for us, and awesome for you!

Keep on moving, Elizabeth! Glad to hear that you're doing better. The infusion may be a pain in the butt, but if it works, it's worth it. Hope it gets better every time.

Elizabeth, this is great news! It truly is nothing short of miraculous and you must be beyond thrilled. I am for you. I thought I added a comment on here last night but don't see it. I'm just so glad that the Remicade is working for you and you're seeing progress. And thanks for letting us know. I had been worried about you.

Baby steps forward good for you!!!!

Elizabeth, I am so very happy for you!! This is fantastic news and prayers that you will only get better from here!

I'm SO happy for you!!! :) I'm in the process of getting Remicade infusions, this makes me a bit less worried about it :) Thank you and I hope you keep feeling better!!!!!