My mom hospitalized

Just wanted to tell you my tough old mom (90) was hospitalized yesterday. Her pulse would drop as low as 35 whenever she stood up. She had called me when I was driving to work at 8 a.m. to tell me she was really weak. Later on, my daughter took her to the ER after checking her pulse and BP.

She and I had just visited my dad's grave August 9th on his would-be 93rd birthday, and I told her, just think, you'll be sleeping down there next to him in the not-too-distant future. I was just kidding! How morbid!

I took a pic of her in the hospital and she looks a lot younger than 90. She seems to do okay as long as she's in bed. I hope the doctors figure something out and can keep her heart going--she really has a lot of enthusiasm for life!

Here’s the photo…
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I sure hope things are going to be OK. I was just sending you a personal message which now seems so unimportant! I know this was sudden as she is so active you say. Stay in touch with us, we are here for you and wishing for the best!

PS, don’t beat yourself up for that comment. I am sure she knew you meant it with humor. After all if words have a realist effect on health we would all be running marathons now. Just tell her you love her again which undoubtedly she knows. Sending you hugs.

I hope she comes through this like the strong, active lady she's been her whole life. She's in the best place for the medics to find out what's wrong and support the problem even if it can't be fixed. And definitely don't sweat what you said, it was said with love in your heart and appreciation for the life, love and family they created together and shared.

Thinking of you both.

Thank you, Rachael and Jules! She’s hanging in there! Lots of tests so we’re hoping for some answers and good treatment to keep her well.

Well, the answer was a pacemaker and it's already installed!!! She's doing great! Now the doctor wants to do an angiogram tomorrow to make sure there aren't any clogged arteries. But, I think she'll be fine. 90 years old and she can't be stopped! (I wish I knew her secret--well, one is she doesn't have any diseases!)

Wonderful news! Hope her recovery is smooth. I also hope you start feeling better soon too! Double whammy that isn’t easy but I have faith you will have time to breath and relax soon. You deserve that!!

Thanks, Rachael!