After surgery

I had 5 tumors removed from my bladder and a polyp removed from my prostate. I will get the pathology back next week. I still feel better without MTX. It took 16 gallons of saline solution to flush my bladder before they let me go home! I pray for pathology to be negative!

Glad you’ve come through the surgery OK. I’ve got my fingers crossed or ou!

Thinking of you, Tired of pain, and wishing you a swift recovery and a positive outcome.

Of course that should have been “I’ve got my fingers crossed for you”! You know how it is with these fingers.

Thanks, Seenie and Jules. I just got news that my mother is in ICU with pneumonia! She has a living will so they will bring her home. Then a hospice with make her comfy. She wants to go home. At 93 she has had enough! The doc’s give her weeks. I’ve done a lot of praying. Again thanks for everyone’s support!

I wish I could reach out and give you a hug. My thoughts are with you, and your family.

That is so sad Tired of pain, my thoughts are with you all too. I remember you've seen her recently, didn't she make the trip to see you? I'd bet you're in her heart just as she is in yours.