Finally, went to urologist

The urologist ran a scope into my bladder. I have a large tumor in my bladder and my prostrate is greatly enlarged. I will have surgery soon were they take a biopsy.if its cancerous they will remove my bladder! I’m just now digesting this. Who said getting old was golden? What’s it like without a bladder?

Well they can make you a new one called a neo-bladder from a piece of small intestine. My uncle lost his a few years ago. He's actually not unhappy about any of it. His passion is golf (and drinking beer while playing golf) He can now get all the way around the golf course with out "interruption" Shop hard for a surgeon though if they decide to take the prostate not a lot are doing the nerve sparing surgery. The guys that are good have a great success rate with leaving things "functioning"

Don't know where you are at, but Stanford is a great place or they can refer you. You can read about the latest at: