My conditon is continuing to spiral downward!

Despite all of the shots, injections, scans, MRI's, infusions, x-rays, and endless meds. my pain and physical limitations have increased. I even have to admit that I have gotten worse since I first saw the Rhuematologist. My wife, daughter, and I were so excited when we left the Rhuematologist's office (1st appointment). We finally had a diagnosis. I've had 2 Humira treatment and 2 Remicade infusions. However, as I stated in a previous posting, the Rhuemy told me that if the infusions don't give me significant relief then we will stop and send me to a Pain Management physician to set up a schedule of pain meds.

Last year at this time I only had right hand pain (which is still a problem). Since this journey started last year (around October) every month has gotten worse then the month before. I guess this whole situation frustrates me to no end. Well . . . now . . .this is where . . . my frustration sets in and I stop! Sorry for my rambling!

Sorry you're going through this. I, too, was greatly relieved to have a diagnosis and expected good things. I then had to wait months to start treatment, acquired canes, then a wheelchair, then started treatment and had to wait to see if it worked, then had to go off treatment that partially worked and be off it for a couple weeks before starting remi. Once the remi started working (no more wheelchair, seldom used canes), I had to go off it for more testing and possible issues and am once again going downhill. It does get frustrating. Vent away!!!

I'm so sorry youre suffering like you are.............there must seem no end to it!

Makes me feel lucky that my meds are working

All I can say is hang in there mate!

Get on here and say what you want if it helps you, we all have dark days, weeks, months

This disease just sucks! My son plays American football and he plays on Friday nights for his local high school. I have only seen him play twice because of bad weather. In the past, I would be going to all the games no matter what now this. It is such an isolated disease that no one knows about. It almost would be better if I would not be here at all. Being not able to go and watch him participate just makes me sick. It is so hard to hang on there when there is always something pushing you back.

Ramble on Buickboy, that is what this site is here for! I hope that your Rheumaotlogist and PM Doctors can work together and get you some relief.

Your body may be trying to tell you to slow down, bud!

Wishing you well,


Thank you all once again. Here we are (Rheumy, GP, and I) as far as a diagnosis and treatment. My Rheumy is still not sure if the majority of my pain is due to inflammation. My Pain Management dr. is not sure if she wants to keep increasing my meds (2@30mg MS Contin 3 times daily, 2@100mg Gabapentin 2 timea daily and 4 @ bedtime (personally I feel that Gabapentin for my type of pain is useless). Anyway back to my main symtom, PAIN!!! My GP is working on getting me a referral to a university hospital/clinic. Reason being that we've exhausted all our treatment options here locally. Now I'm really getting scared. Although I wasn't thrilled with a diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis, at least (it appeared) we knew what the problem was and how to attack it. I feel insanity sneeking up behind me.

BB, I think a University hospital is a great idea. They are up on everything and on their toes! I would be all for it! They more that is known, the better the treatment can be! GO!