My 12 Year Old Son Diagnosed With Crohns

This week we found out my son has Crohns Disease. It’s been a long 6 month battle figuring out what was wrong with him and it is great to finally have a diagnosis, but my heart is very heavy. My poor boy. How am I supposed to manage my own PsA and his Crohns? Where can I find the energy to do this?

I know I am the very best person to help him since I have walked this autoimmune path for so long. I know the twists and turns. The battles. But y’all, I am tired. Tired of my own fight.

I could use some supportive words as I am not feeling very strong tonight.

I developed Crohn’s about 18 months ago - it is fairly mild this far. Where is his Crohn’s presently? What is his present treatment plan? For a huge number of people (far bigger than PsA sufferers) the meds do work well. Very well and the med induced remission stats are pretty high too. The fact he’s been caught so very young is also a bonus too. Less chance of too much damage. And far more chance of getting ahead of it.

But I so get where you are right now, so just massive hugs. xx

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I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. My daughter was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis when she was fifteen, in the midst of also being diagnosed with epilepsy. I definitely remember being overwhelmed some days with dealing with everything. We are 5 years out now from that year. Her epilepsy is very well controlled and while she has occasional issues with arthritis, she does not currently need treatment.

Big hugs to you. You already know that you are an excellent resource for him and an excellent advocate

@Poo_therapy We just had his endoscopy and colonoscopy done this week and it showed inflammation in the bottom of the stomach into the small intestines, a few spots in the small intestine, and his rectum area is the worst and that is what was causing all the bleeding. Waiting on biopsy results. MRI scheduled for the 21st. I know it is a blessing that it was caught early and he is young but I just think of my own struggle and I don’t want that for him. I know each person is different and each disease is different but I just worry. I am also dealing with two herniated cervical discs that are causing me a lot of issues from pain to nerve pain/mobility loss. I am doing PT but now I am contemplating having surgery. I cannot take care of myself in this condition and now my son.

@Stoney Thanks. I needed to hear that. I am sorry your daughter has to deal with so much as well. My son has also complained of pain in his legs and he already has eczema/psoriasis. So there you go… I’m sure this battle is far from over but maybe with treatment it won’t be such a daunting issue.

My husband and I clearly didn’t compare health histories when we met, although I’m not sure how much good it would have done in our case. I wasn’t diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis (maybe something else) until after we had both kids, and my mom was diagnosed a few years later. My husband also has psoriatic arthritis, although milder. And he DID have psoriasis when we met. So does his mom.

We do the best we can. Sometimes it’s just holding on tight, and you’ll take a deep breath when you can. Or break down and cry. They’re both good options.

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@Stoney Haha, I agree. I don’t know how helpful a conversation like that is. I also didn’t know at the time I had issues, though I had joint pain since I was little. My husband’s dad also has Crohns. So it was a cocktail waiting to happen.

My son is so dang strong though and compassionate. He is just taking it in his stride. We keep him informed with everything so he knows this is his body and he has a say. His biopsies just came back and I can’t make heads or tails of it. I am sure the GI doc will give me a run down on Wednesday.

Crying always helps, though my son gets super worried if I do. So it is hard to be strong and also need to break down. Maybe I need to take a drive and breath. Thanks Stoney.

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The biopsies are key to everything so best of luck on Wednesday. They told me directly after the colonoscopy they couldn’t find anything. The biopsies sadly told a different story. So hang on in there. Take the scent of the air from your son as how things are and work with that.

Yet more hugs. xx

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