My son just being tested for PsA

Damn, Blast and every other curse I can think of but can't say in polite company.

I just had a phone call from my 29 yo son, who suffers from Plaque Psoriasis quite badly, and is being referred to a Rheumy with suspected PsA, after non traumatic knee issues.


My only consolation is that he is a lot younger than me and has been diagnosed early, rather than years and years after it first surfaces

Thanks for reading and listening - I needed to get that off my chest - now I think I will just go to bed and cry myself to sleep.


Becstar--don't cry!

While none of us would wish this diagnosis on anyone else (well there maybe a few people out there I can think of...) you know that with early diagnosis and aggressive treatment he'll be OK. And with the new medicines that keep coming out and advances in understanding the genetics surrounding PSA which might help develop more targeted treatments, I'd say that things aren't so bleak. Again, not the world's best day for you or him if he does get a PSA diagnosis, but there's room for hope. Wishing you well.

Beccy, I’m so sorry for both of you. But there is so much good news: early detection and aggressive treatment puts him in a better place than many of us have been. He’s going to be OK. And he’s got a Mom that understands … along with her online “club”. He is so fortunate to be living in the age of knowledge, communication, and exciting treatment advances. Not to say this is good news, of course. Like you, I’d go to bed and cry too. But I’m guessing that by the time you read this, it’ll be a beautiful new spring day downunder.
Thinking of you!

Thanks guys. A good nights sleep gives me a better perspective. I just needed to get that off my chest xxx

Good for you. In terms of perspective in regsrds to PsA there are the glass is half empty folks, there are the glass is half full folks. They seem to drive each other nuts and when things are at a high level, folks seem to want slap one or the other. In any event for the first time any where I will announce my real philosophy in regards to dealing with PsA. The glass is neither half empth OR half full. The damn thing is twice as big as it needs to be. We simply need properly sized glasses and smsller ones at that.