MTX patients--Do you find it harder to stay warm?

It seems like the past few weeks since I've started MTX, I have a hard time staying/getting warm. I'm usually an oven. My body stays hot, but I just have a chill-- especially when I go to bed and am trying to warm up. Husband says I'm warm, but I have a little bit of a chill and don't feel warm for a while. Anyone else experience this?

Hi Natalieb,

I've noticed the same thing. For years I've always run really warm - anything over 70' usually felt hot. But since starting MTX 13 months ago, I definitely feel temperatures differently. I get cold much more easily and have a harder time warming up. For 45 years, I've been too warm and my wardrobe reflects that. All of a sudden I'm scrambling for sweaters and blankets and warm underthings - go figure! I'm glad I'm not the only one. Here's to better body temperature regulation!


I nailed down the sensation of the feeling I have yesterday. It's not 24/7 but hits me all throughout the day. For me, it feels like when you have the flu and you have that gross chill inside your body.

Yes! i've been on mtx for about 8 weeks now and normally i am always warm, turning down the ac all the time, im wearing socks now which i never used to do....ever! i am trying to cover up with blankets and sweaters all day and night. my doctor said that this is a normal side affect and that he sees it in alot of people who are on mtx, hope that this helps.....

natalieb, You betcha. I'm usually warm and always like having a fan or ac on (even when I sleep), but now since taking mtx, I find myself wearing my Northface jacket around the house or office. At night, I have a chill even under the blankets. I also help coach my son's hockey team and have found I am freezing my A%^ off on the ice where before, I never felt cold. It must be the meds.

Isn't this fun?

it is! haha. i guess we just learn to deal. i bought a sherpa blanket to put underneath the covers for when i get in bed. it is so warm, i kick it off in no time. :)