MTX and Urine


I noticed when I take my mtx, my urine has a strong odor and darker color. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it something I should worry about?

Thanks for all and any comments.

I think it means you need more water. Urine should be light with very little odor. It is especially important while on mtx to keep urine very light as it can be hard on kidneys.

If you have been drinking your water and taking your folic acid, you should be concerned. They recommend AT LEAST 94 oz water per day. If you are short, you will have concentratred urine..................

I do drink at least 2 liters of water every day at work, then some more at night, not sure what that is in ounces but I think it's a lot. I don't drink anything else, except on the weekends, where i indulge in an alcoholic beverage or 5. I take my folic acid (1 mg) daily, without fail. My last blood work up was fine. I am due in 5 weeks for another one.

2 liters is only 63 oz. Could be a UTI or yeast infection. They sell DIY kits at the drug store.

If you have stomach problems gas etc. it is indicitve of liver problems or Chrons.

Not a yeast infection, no pain with urination so I don't think it's UTI. Maybe I have to increase my water intake for a few days and see if it takes it away. If no, I will contact the doc, I am scheduled for blood work in a few weeks. Do you think it is safe to wait or should I go right away?

This is the 1st time I've come across a reference for taking folic acid. Why is it recommended? My rheumy hasn't mentioned it. Does it help reduce possible damage to kidney or liver function due to the meds taken for PsA? Please advise. Thx!

tntlamb said:

If you have been drinking your water and taking your folic acid...

Patients who take methotrexate (mtx) also take folic acid to prevent some side effects.