I forgot to take folic acid

I take 7.5 mg of methotrexate a week and an enbrel injection once a week.

I'm scared because today I realized I haven't taken folic acid. for 2 months. Now I kind of remember my M.D. telling me I could get folic acid OTC and I looked at Kroger. but couldn't find it and after a week or so I guess I didn't think about it till I questioned the nausea I've had for 3 days.

I would definitely get some and start taking it. I can tell immediately from mouth ulcers when I don't take enough folic acid. I am glad you are not suffering from that. I take 8 2.5mg tablets a week.

Yes, its very important to take folic acid while on MTX because MTX interferes with the bodies ability to effectively use folic acid in cell production. Taking folic acid will help to stop/reduce nausea, mouth ulcers, boils, liver damage and issues with your blood. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, just start taking folic acid as soon as possible, I take mine the day after I’ve had my MTX injection.

Do you have a GNC or Vitamin Shoppe near you? They carry it.

Hi Yvonne,

OOPS!! For sure start it right away, and you may want to call the Rheum and let them know too. The grocery store may even have it. I read up on it, seems you can't take too much, but you surely can take too little of it with MX!!