More problems day by day

Lately I have been noticing more and more problems popping up in my overall health. It makes me wonder if it is due to having PsA, or if it's side effects of my medications. I try to do all the research I can, but I always end up working myself into a tizzy after reading most of the information.

So, let me get to my problems. They are fairly small problems, but they are effecting my life in a big way and I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing these problems.

First, I have noticed that my vision is becoming worse day by day. I've gotten to the point where I cannot see anything in dim lighting or when driving in the dark. My eyes also feel weird. By that, I mean that they feel like they almost feel bigger. I read that my Prednisone could be effecting my vision, but I'm not sure. Anyone else have this problem?

Second, I have gained 15 pounds and I cannot lose it no matter what I do. I know that at the beginning when I first noticed I was gaining weight, I was extremely fatigued and I'm sure that effected my metabolism. So that part is completely understandable. However, I have been exercising daily and eating well for the past 2 months and I have not lost any weight, only gained. Anyone else have this problem?

And lastly, I have noticed that I am not able to eat/digest the foods I used to be able to. For example, I cannot tolerate ANY sort of grease (fast food, bacon, etc). I also cannot tolerate anything dairy. I find this extremely upsetting because I live in Wisconsin and I LOVE my cheese! Is anyone else having this problem?

If anyone is experiencing any of these problems, please let me know so I know that I'm not alone. Thank you!!

Oh, and I have also noticed a problem with my memory. Not sure if it's just "brain fog" or something more. But it's really starting to concern me.

Hi there... just wanted to put my two cents' worth in.

I think prednisone causes weight gain, so that may be part of your situation. I know it's discouraging. Keep up the exercise and eating well... it's probably preventing further gain, and helping your general health too.

I really don't know about the other concerns.. maybe someone else will be able to shed some light?

Best to you.... Nancy

I was diagnosed only 2 days ago so I am not on PsA meds just Naproxin, and I have noticed occasional blurred vision and redness but it doesn’t last too long.
I have read eye problems occur with PsA but are not suppose to affect the eyes much or permanently.
With food and weight I also have issues and I too love me some cheeses!!
Mine affects my bowels yuck, sorry true though.

As for the brain fog...that is a real symptom for anyone dealing with chronic pain.

The eyes, don't know about the dim lighting etc. but I have to use a steriod eye drop due to inflammation; dryness; and blurred vision.

Practically every med I am on says something about increased apetite and weight gain. It is very hard, but keep eating healthy.

IBS can cause problems with the digestive system, check out this one and see if that matches you at all.

Hope some of this helps.

Hi Morey yes the meds could be causing your vision problems. The weight gain can be caused by the meds too but you should get checked out to make sure you are not retaining fluid.

Brain fog happens. We are under alot of stress physically and mentally especially when our meds are not working properly or we are flaring up for no reason whatsoever. Brain fog can be a direct result of inflamation. When I am in pain or flaring I cannot remember anything. ( somewhere there is the story about my phone #)

When i first went on MTX tablets my eyes felt funny all the time too. That went away after a bit but I have zero sun tolerance and must wear sunglasses all the time even if it is just bright out and not sunny.

Prior to diagnosis I had horrible IBS and developed a milk intolerance. 20minutes after injesting any milk product I would be projectile vomiting and then have the worst case of the runs known to man. All within 20 minutes. Took me 5 days to figure it out as I went from perfectly fine to disasterous in a blink. I can now eat yogurt , cottage cheese small amounts of cheese but cannot tolerate liquid milk. I think I remember the vomiting too well. Now that I am on humira/MtX no IBS at all.

As to developing other problems along side PsA yes , it does happen.

good luck to you and remember to breathe! Don't freak out just breathe.

And sometimes those other problems have nothing to do with PsA, but we get soooooooo focused that everything is bigger than it is OR relate it to the disease. We forget we get old, we have seasonal allergies, over do, etc.

Told my wife Sat. I think I was starting a flare as my back was killing me and my shoulders weer acting up along with my eyes being dry swollen feeluing, blury vision and just generally felt yuck.

What SHE told me was to shut up take an allergy pill drink some water and take a bath and that I was a fool. " You were feeling fine in the morning took your superman shots (testosterone and enbrel) then You spent 2 hours driving the thatcher over the lawn, then you spent two more weeding the perenial bed, another one with the chain saw cutting up some dead fall, and then setting off the burn pile., and on top of that you are hung over from Brewfest the night before. (Brewfest is pretty cool the bus picks you up at home tours the local microbreweries (6) which each tap a wood barell of their special spring brew and then takes you home) She said "you aren't suffering from PsA, you are suffering from stupid, and BTW we are babysitting the grandkids tomorrow so get in shape"

She was right. BUT I still hurt today.

PA can cause inflammation of the eyes I just learned. This current flare up has made it impossible to watch TV at night. Our TV is too bright for me all of a sudden. It gives me a pain in what feels like the back of my eyes, and like you said it feels like my eyes are buldging. My doctor said PA can cause eyes to inflame and muscle spasms can do it too. She said that muscle spasms can make your other nerves sensitive. She said because of the intense pain it overwhelms your nerves and makes other senses sesitive like sights, noise, and smells. I didn't really like this rheumatologist, but both explanations she gave to me made sense, she just never told me which one it is.... My tramadol makes my vision weird though too so who knows I guess. I'm not so thrilled with my doctor help. The weight gain seems sure to be the steroids. That's very common.

I ended up with what they called rapidly growing cataracts when I was 48. I had to have surgery on both eyes within a month of each other. The doctors could never tell me for sure if it was from the meds or the disease. I would have your eyes checked if it keeps up. Take care.

Dear Morey,

Spectrazyme will help you digest any type of meat or dairy. As we age we have less and less digestive juice to break down our foods, so if you do not think this an allergy, try it. Ox bile works too, you can take them both together, but do take the Spectrazyme first, with probiotics of course. It was recommended to me by my DC.