Methotrexate dosages

Went to the Rhuemy last week and he upped my Methotrexate dosage up from 6 - 2.5mg tablets per week to 8 - 2.5mg. Said I was on a "children's dosage" and was ready for the adult dosage. First day after taking the upped dosage, I felt ok and then the next day really had a bad day. Anyone have a similar dosage increase and experience?

is there a reason why people don't take folic on MTX day? i've seen this on here before but my dr didn't tell me to skip folic on MTX day..

interesting. you'd think that would be something i should know! haha. :)

Hey! Last week was my first week taking 8 mtx pills instead of my normal 6 and boy did they kick my butt! It was a very very hard day I can’t eat much due to having arthritis in the right side of my jaw but I managed to eat as much as I could and shower but other than that I was in bed most of the day…my dr gave me some folic acid which seems to help a bit but I am hoping to see more obvious results soon if we don’t see any by jan 9 the next step is humira hope this helps