Metabolic Syndrome and PsA

Looking back on it :

Ten years ago, my blood pressure went up. Oh, by the way, around that time I also got a "fungus" under my toenails. Andrew just posted a link to this:

Almost two years ago, at my annual physical (including bloodwork), my family doc pronounced that I had "metabolic syndrome". The NIH definition:

Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions that put you at risk for heart disease anddiabetes. These conditions are

And, by the way, at the same time that my PCP pointed this out to me, I complained about sore feet. She suggested new orthotics, which I got. Still my feet got worse. Oh, and my fingernails joined in on the "fungal" fun.

Last month (very long story short) the "fungus" was identified as psoriasis, and I was diagnosed with PsA. Now I read this:

The blood pressure, the "fungus", and the conditions for metabolic syndrome are all connected. I'm not saying that one caused the other, but it's a package. I'm sure of it. Hindsight's great, isn't it? ;-) So ...

How many others here have "Metabolic Syndrome" ?

(Thanks to Tighefan for bringing up the subject of high blood pressure!)