High Blood Pressure

HI All,

I was wondering if anyone has had any trouble with high blood pressure from medication?

I am now having some issues with high blood pressure not sure if it is due to pain or medication.

Also wondering if anyone has had problems with nerves and are on medication for it? My nerves have been on edge lately.

Thanks in advance I am so glad I have found this site you guys and gals are great!!!!

Hi Tighefan,

When I was first diagnosed with psoriasis, my dermatlogist told me to watch out for high blood pressure, not related to any meds, but related to the disease itself. I guess some people with psoriasis get high blood pressure.


Thanks Andrew, I guess that makes since since this diesase is autoimmume it makes our whole body out of wack. Welcome to the group!!!

Thank for the welcome!

Yes I agree with you. But also I guess pain could also be raising your blood pressure, I don't really understand blood pressure. I know that if I exercise I can usually cause it to drop some.



Thanks Andrew, I guess that makes since since this diesase is autoimmume it makes our whole body out of wack. Welcome to the group!!!

I have been walking on a tredmill at work for 20 minutes a day. I try not to do to much but at least I am doing something.

I’m not sure what too much is. I bike for half an hour and my knee hurts.
I bike 4 hours more and it feels great. This is new territory for me.
There’s so many different meds now. I intend to be my Doctor’s best
friend until we get something to work well enough that I can
do what I want.

Since joining this board, I've been finding puzzle pieces! Looking back on it, my blood pressure started going up at about the same time that I got toenail "fungus". Ten years, and lots of BP meds later, I discover that my "fungus" is really psoriasis. Must check out the blood pressure / psoriasis connection.

Welcome to the board, Andrew! This is a good place for people like us, with unusual conditions.


Hi Seenie,

Thank you for welcoming me to the board! I just found something:


This shows that there's research into psoriasis now as a systematic disease

Yes, that's interesting. I've also been looking at the connection between metabolic syndrome and PsA. This is an interesting article. And looking back again, I had my annual physical bloodwork done and my doctor pronounced "metabolic syndrome" at about the same time that I started to complain about pain in my feet. I really don't think that was a co-incidence.

I believe my BP and my metabolic syndrome are all part of the PsA package. Not to suggest that one caused the other, of course.

I don't want to hijack Tighfan's thread, so I'll start another.

No problem Seenie it is all connected that is what this is for to help each other to understand this crazy disease. Thanks for the article Andrew very interesting at least good to know that it could be the cause of it not something else I have to worry about.