Medication Update

I've cut back a lot on the amount of medication I take. As of this moment, I'm only taking Plaquenil, and 5mg daily of Prednisone. I'm waiting for my script for Simponi to be authorized by my insurance company as we speak.

These medications are frustrating. Does anyone REALLY know if they work or not? Because most of the time, it feels like just a shot in the dark. It's hard to tell if its the medication working, or if it's just the disease naturally going into remission. Who's to say I wouldn't feel better WITHOUT suppressing my body's natural defense system.

I guess my faith in these drugs at this point is lacking. I wish there there was something I could do to rid my body of this horrible mutation - to go inside myself and convince my cells to stop attacking themselves. Are there scientist studying this disease? I think being involved in that research would calm my mind.

OK... I think I've lost it.... Back to bed.

Lots of science to help you - read Prof art Ayers blog- cooling inflammation . hundreds of posts to help you understand the processes of inflammation . Don't get downcast - its not random . You can learn to control it - if you can challenge a few preconceptions and challenge a few doctors. i did after 20 years and I am sincerely well and drug free. xxx