Marriage suffers

with more and more physical limitations, I’m beginning to not feel as much AS A WOMAN…

I sure understand. And the meds we have to take don't hep either

Karen I know right! It’s bad enough for people to understand what they can’t see…my husband tries to be supportive, but just doesn’t get it and frustrates him. Ugh!

We've had a couple of good threads on PsA on marriage, and PsA and sex.

I've found them for you! :)

Thank you Sybil!

Yes, men are "fixers". I agree that helping him understand objectively and maybe letting him do something to help you might make him feel good.

sybil said:

How can you educate your husband? At the risk of sounding sexist I think many men like to get their heads around things from an objective point of view - perhaps showing him some good info. on the web (or on here) might help - my husband is supportive but accompanying me to rheumy appointments and taking on the challenge of understanding a complex disease has helped him with that .... I don't know if he'd really 'get it' if he only had my personal experience to go on.

As for feeling less of a woman - I'd say that many women I admire or even envy for their beauty or just the way they live their lives are far from perfect .... you are still you, still the woman he married & in fact you are now coping with something very difficult which makes you an even better person, an even better woman. Simplistic of me to some extent I know but I reckon re-shaping our own image of ourselves in a positive way is one of the most important things with any chronic condition ... not that I personally find that easy but blooming heck I'm trying!