Lyme and Uni

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Feeling very tired. I had my last day of classes today, now two weeks for study and two final exams. This semester was much more difficult than last and i'm still not on the full time path for this degree. I'm not sure how long it will take me to finish it...if i'm averaging a year and a half to each meant-to-be-year than I guess about 6 years? Bummer.

I've also been looking into testing for lyme disease. It isn't really considered here is Oz, despite evidence showing that it does indeed exist here. So doctors who are knowledgeable and willing to treat it are few and far in between. The nearest one to us is three hours north on the Sunshine Coast. It's a differintial diagnosis for all the crazy stuff thats gone one with me though, so I figure it's worth a shot! Plus Bran and I have decided that we'll take a trip up there some time over the summer break and make a weekend out of it :) i'll see this special doctor and then get to spend the rest of the weekend on the beach, win-win!

On a different note, happy Beltane :). It's still odd to me having the seasons (and thus holidays) reversed, especially considering we were married on Beltane (May 1st in the northern hemisphere).

I live in the metro New York area. Lyme disease is pretty much always tested for. My son had Lyme disease when he was almost 4yrs old, and we are regularly looking out for signs. When I presented to the doctor with joint pain, that was the first thing that was tested for. If it exists there, it makes sense to get tested for the different variety tick borne illnesses.