Lupus diagnosis

Hi, I have been diagnosed with PsA for several years now. Recently I got a diagnosis of Lupus on top of that. Does anyone else have this combination and if so, what medications are you on? Thanks so much!

I don’t have this combination, and I understand it’s challenging.

I’ve a good family friend with Lupus, and my understanding is that whilst PsA has a major impact on quality of life, few of us, on the very extreme, have an impact on quantity, at least before around 70, when things get a little vague.

On the other hand, I understand that really good management of lupus means the same as us medium PsA folk, there will be some challenges, but if you are a tough old nut, and/or lucky, you’ll get through.

Tntlamb is a blindingly obvious example of this one!

Take your docs advice, and consider that even if the PsA hurts, or the P is super annoying, it’s the hidden effects on your body (particularly organs), that are going to be the long-term issue

Thanks so much. I’m trying to accept the limits of this but it’s hard. I try to remain positive and recognize it’s part of the disease process and I will take control of what I can and let the rest go. It’s all we can do.

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