Lovely afternoon :)

I’ve just had a lovely afternoon…met up with one of my best mates ( he’s the brother I should have had) we went to our favourite place to eat, gossiped, people watched, laughed then wandered along ‘little Pakistan high street’ (those are his terms being Pakistani) sat in a chilly shop and shivered and laughed the whole way through our faloodas, looking at the snow outside.
My spirits are lifted, my heart and tummy full…what a wonderful gift friendship is :slight_smile:

How nice,I’m glad you enjoyed your day :slight_smile: My best friend still lives in England and I miss her terribly.

That’s a shame to be missing your bestie…I’m so lucky with the friends I have, most of them live near me

I am so glad for you Louise!v You deserved it!

I'm an ex-pat, Louise. And I do miss a good balti and, of course, proper fish and chips. My mates ship me Vimto every now and again! It's amazing what I miss from home. Branston Pickle anyone?

Mmmmm I love a bit of Branston pickle! Especially with some mature cheddar :slight_smile: Because I live near Luton we go and eat in Bury Park which is full of authentic Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi restaurants…the place bustles like a pakistani market and the clothes shops!!! Full of sumptious saris and silks, simply beautiful :slight_smile: