Local Voc Rehab

Good morning. Yesterday I went to the Oklahoma City office of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation for an intake appointment. Learned some interesting things.

1) My case worker is AWESOME. Caring, Compassionate, and Kind. Three things that are hard to find in a bureaucratic employee of the state/fed.

2) She thinks it is unlikely that I am employable, but is requesting my medical records so she can make a better decision.

3) She is aghast that the Disability office has denied me (twice), and thinks they are idiots.

4) If, after her review of my records and a Vocational assessment, I am found to be unemployable, she will write a letter to submit as part of my ...oh crap...lost the word. HATE when that happens. The thing you do after you have been denied disability.

5) If they decide I am employable, she is going to recommend that they purchase Dragon Naturally Speaking and a headset for me so that I can use the computer without having to type since typing has become very difficult. Takes forever for me to type now that I am hunting and pecking instead of my usual 80-90 words a minute of typing.

6) She fully admitted to knowing next to nothing about Psoriatic Arthritis, and plans to do a great deal of research so she is better informed and can make a more accurate assessment as to my ability to work. I recommended the book The Facts that is on the book review page on here.

So, in a nutshell: If they decide I can't work, they will write a letter which should hold some weight with Disability. If I can work (with modifications) they will pay for those modifications and training, will find me a job that is aware of and respectful of my limitations, and will advocate for me if my employer decides to try and push those limitations beyond what I can do. This is a win/win.

Lamb: Thank you so much for your suggestion. This has been the most hopeful thing that has happened as far as employment possibilities since I moved to OKC.

Timberwolf, this is excellent news! It really is a win either way. I have the Dragon software and use it for work and play. I love it. I had developed rheuatoid nodules on my fingertips so typing was a pretty tender experience, and Dragon has been a lifesaver. I type every day and have tons of documentation to complete. I really think it has helped save my carrier. I got my version through Amazon and got an older version (11.5) as it had better reviews than the latest release. I paid $70, and it was the best money I have spent in a long time. I hope that you get to go back to work - that would be excellent, but I am glad you are on the right path and have someone in your court. It's a good day!

I'm so glad you are having such a great experience with Vocational Rehab!