Has anyone used Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Well, here's the deal, I need a job, I can't qualify for disability so I want to see if I can be retrained for something I can do. I am wondering if any of you have used this resource and what your experience was.

I used it years ago. I was a waitress and broke my ankle tearing all the ligaments loose. I could no longer waitress. A friend told me about Vocational Rehabilitation. I went in and applied for the program. They sent me to a Dr that confirmed that I could no longer do the job I was doing. They talked with me and helped me choose what I would like to be trained to do. They paid for all of the schooling, books and mileage to get to school. No one at the school knew that I was anything other than another student. After I graduated the school helped me find a job. I have been working in an office ever since. It worked great for me. I would recommend it to anyone who qualifies.

I was given several options after discussing what my experiences and previous training were. I chose medical receptionist. I worked as one for a short time, then ended up in a regular office as a bookkeeper (I learned bookkeeping during the med rec training). Then a few years later took a job as an office manager and now, 20 years later I am CEO of the company. It's amazing what a little training can lead to.

Good luck.

mimiB said:

Oh, that's great to know ! What type of schooling did you do ?

ceo wow thats awesome. I have always wanted to get into finance, the stock market fascinates me. I wonder if a 38 yr old could be taught accounting?

Of course you could learn accounting at 38. I just got my drafting and design degree and I’m 56.

I tried this, and even though the help was very limited in Australia it did give me some direction to take. I retrained and added to my skills and qualifications which allowed me to take on a more administrative role which was less physical. I eventually went onto a disability and this allowed me to retire 5 years sooner due to my health problems as there are others along with my PsA. I also sold my house and moved to an area where I no longer had a mortgage so I could cope financially.

im with you mimi i dont have enough credits to be eligible for ssdi so i need to find a job to earn the credits...my wife and i are going to look into this further just as soon as im able. My pa is weird my upper half of my body isnt affected at all. Im glad we have vocational rehab as a resource to turn to.