Lamb was right

Ah, Lamb, you were right. Remember when I asked you about the cauterization procedure for the spine and you told me that you and your sister had undergone it? And your sister had a lot of pain afterwards? Welllllllll, yup, that's exactly what I've been going thru for the past week. I've already told SK that it's not worth it to repeat it if the benefit doesn't far outweigh the pain I'm currently in.

STILL thinking that it's PsA based but no proof.

Thank you for your input, Lamb. At least I know that the pain is normal.

Ugh! So sorry Petunia Girl! Hope you feel better soon and that your little guys make you feel loved and comfy while you convalesce.

Thank you! Did you ever get my last email? If not, please write to me!!! I miss talking to you1