Knifelike pain in left ack ribs

Does anyone have off and on knifelike pain to the left back at lower ribs? Is it a classic PsA problem? So painful and annoying. Should I use heat or ice? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Typically for something acute, ice is good, and this sounds more acute. I would probably start with that. I wonder if it will pass quickly, as that type of pain seems to typically pass quickly for me.

Wow, Stoney. You can always be counted on for a prompt reply. Thanks for your concern.

I get that in my back near my shoulder blade and by my sternum. Look up enthesitis. Very common. Attachment point inflammation. Hurts like hell to just breathe. I use a heating pad and try to stay horizontal. It happens at work sometimes in which case I move like I’ve broken my back–very slowly and deliberately. Usually doesn’t last more than a day or so.