Just a rant...needed to vent

So, I've been on Humira since the end of May. I was able to discontinue prednisone, but then had to go back on 10mg a day when the inflammation started to come back a little. Pain and stiffness wise I'm doing great, Fatigue loses out to coffee. The one challenge I'm still having is dealing with the suppressed immune system from all the meds. Specifically, I have two co-workers who regular come to work "just a little sick, but I'll be all right." Hello people!!!!!!!!! Did it occur to you that your, "just a little sick" is almost guaranteed to get me sick?? They both know I have a suppressed immune system and why, but just din't seem to be able to put two and two together. Now I'm sitting here congested and headachey thanks to one of them. In the grand scheme of things, it's not that big of a deal (especially compared to some of the other challenges that go with this disease), and of course I am gratetful for how much better my quality of life is now vs. six months ago. Like I said, this is just a rant....I needed to vent. It was that or chew them up one side and down the other for coming to work and getting me sick. So, there you have it....rant over. Please feel free to post your own rant here whenever you need to vent.....It'll be a lot less destructive than holding it in or going off on people when they "just don't get it"


I understand. I homeschool and used to host events at my house because it was less work and energy for me. I would ask people “are your kids sick” and I would always get “just allergies”, which can be an option here in Houston, TX the allergy capital of the word. Alas, it wasn’t I would get a cold here and there but nothing major. Just enough to knock me back a day or two. What bothered me was it was my personal space, my house, and I also asked.
Now if I go to a meet up in a public place I assume the risk. I do not feel it’s others responsibility to stay away from me, if lightly sick, since it is a public place. Work is hard though. You only get so many sick days and people have to get paid. I do wish they would get you a heads up. Maybe you need an extra large can of lysol and spray them.