goes a long way! Consideration seems to be going out of style. I see people walking right by women with small children and a baby buggy that can't get safely across a street, folks in wheel chairs trying to get in those heavy glass doors of dept stores and others walk right past. A Mom or Dad taking the kids to the park, and instead of engaging with them are on the phone the etire time.

Is it not taught in the home, in the school, are we that busy with superficial nothingness, too busy keeping up with the air heads?

SK, life has changed very much from when we were kids. I wish there were some things we could transport from back then into the current time, like the things you mention. The more we depersonalize people, the lonelier everyone becomes. We're so busy going nowhere. I often wish I could live in Italy or someplace with a slower pace and love of life but it is what it is.

Which is why it's nice to come here, a true oasis from the push, shove of the real world. I guess because we have to take things at a different pace, we learn to appreciate a different pace.

Hey Pet,

Bet you watch House Hunters International? I love it! I need a little more house than Italy offers though, no couch in the kitchen without a seperate living room, not yet anyway. I'm in a cottage, love the charm, miss the space! Will go back to the discussion and give you a definition of Myofacial Pain Syndrome, nothing to do with face!


I try to teach my kids to be considerate of others. They open doors for people, carry bags for people, pick berries and flowers for people at our CSA who can't make it up the hill to where the berries and flowers are, hold doors open for parents with strollers or people with canes/crutches/walkers/wheelchairs.

I just had to laugh at the park comment. I think my kids see the park as a place to run free with their friends without parents interfering - but we're homeschoolers, so there's LOTS of interaction between parents and kids all day every day. :) The homeschooling parents use park days as time to catch up with each other, have grown-up discussions, and help keep an eye on each other's kids.

I do have a huge pet peeve about people basically ignoring the "real world" in favor of living on their phones.

Good for you for teaching your kids, I try to teach the grandkids that too, must have worked, of all the things available to my oldest granddaughter, she loves the old folks at the nursing homes, loves to work there and help them, and even the 2 year old trys to open doors for people!

As for the park, should have been more specific, I am talking little ones, very little, these phone junkies are missing the very best part of having kids and the best of bonding opportunities with early toddlers!

You even home school! Praises to you, girlfriend, you are truly amazing!


Good news on the consideration front!

This afternoon I met a friend at the movies. I parked in a handicapped space. My wheelchair (Ziggy) is in the back of my van. I opened the back of my van and a 20-something young man came running from across the way and said, "Here, let me help you with that!" and took my wheelchair out of the van for me. He then asked if I needed further assistance and I thanked him and said I was all set. Then, upon approaching the door, a woman waited and held it open for me. As I sat waiting for my friend, who was running late, a 10ish year old girl came over and asked if I needed help with anything, and I said, no, I was just waiting for a friend. Her mom came over when she saw her talking to me and said, "I hope she isn't bothering you!" and when I told her her daughter was just asking if I needed anything, she thanked her daughter for being so thoughtful.

I love it nym! Warms your heart to know that there are still a few good people out there who are paying attention and thoughtful enough to reach out!