Its been one of those weeks

This is one of those weeks I am glad I have friends who know what I am going thru and understand the pain that I suffer from.

So many things have gone on this week, I'm still deciding where to start, but I know I need to get this out somehow.

The pain has been really bad in my hands and knees this week. I've only been on a low dose of methotrexate for about a month now, so I wasn't expecting any real relief from it yet. Since my dad also suffers from PsA, he is pushing for me to take his Embrel. I just cant get threw his thick head that it is not a good idea on so many different levels and that I am trying to do it "the right way" with the new Rheumy. The battle is won for now, but I this is really becoming a sore spot with me. Him and mom pushing his meds on me, and me "playing by the rules".

My husband and I decided I needed to withdraw from school this semester. I have been struggling (im calling it brain fog) to comprehend material from my classes, my housework never gets done since I was studying 18+ hours a day (we live in our travel trailer on my in laws land with 2 humans, 4 dogs and a cat. House work must get done), my husband has his own disability and needs me to do things for him as well. The plan is to withdraw for now with the intentions of going back after I get this disease and my meds in some type of control. It sucks and I have really struggled with this decision, but I also knew it was something that had to be done. I can tell I have been super stressed the last several weeks. The psoriasis outbreak is now affecting my scalp and face (its not done that before, but I am not normally this stressed), and making me very self conscious. Time to bring out the cold cream items i guess.

Upon advice from a VERY good friend, I looked into yoga classes and holy cow I found one! I never thought I would find one since we live in a small rural town. So, payday I'm going down to join the gym and start the yoga classes. They also have a few additional no / low impact beginner classes that I will be checking out. I am also looking into the anti-inflammatory diet. I need to do alot of research first, it takes out 90% of what we keep in the house to eat and hubby refuses to eat anything that could be remotely healthy.

Whew, I think that is all (I think). Thank you for allowing me to vent a little.(ok, i know, its alot really)

hope everyone has a good weekend.

I love yoga. It’s one of the things I can do no matter how much I hurt as there are different kinds to choose from and I go to whichever class style suits my current level of pain and inflammation. Too bad about classes–but something had to give!

Something most definatly did have to give. I was driving myself crazy and kept beating myelf up over what couldnt get done. Our small town offers 2 gym. both have a beginners yoga class. One gym i like, the other not so much. I am set up to begin classes in 2 weeks, so i will be able to let you know how i like it. ;-)

Hope you get some relief from Yoga. It's great and I love it when my body allows me to participate. My hands are a trouble spot too...I use compression gloves and heated gloves for them. Wishing you well. :)