Is anyone taking sulfasalasine?

I was prescribed sulfasalasine today in addition to the methetrexate I already take. If anyone has taken this drug, will you please tell me how well it works and any side effects you have experienced? Thank you.

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I did a four month trial of sulfasalazine along with mtx. I had no side effects or good effects. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve heard anybody on here say it helped. But who knows.

I took it for about 3 months and it did nothing for pain or swelling, but it was an amazing diet pill, I lost 25 pounds since I could hardly eat with it.

Now there is a side effect that I wish I’d had! LOL …

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Yeah how come I didn’t get that side effect. It seemed to be helping for a little while then stopped giving me any relief at all.

I do not know of anyone who had any luck with Sulfasalizine. MTX has worked wonders for me along with Humira. good luck

The rheumatologist said it could take up to 8 weeks to see an improvement. After taking it for 2 days I show no side effects. Thanks for your answers, but I was hoping for better news. It is still worth a try:)

Hi Andy,

It was my first drug from the Rheumatologist. I took it for nearly 3 months, ended up with a stomach ulcer, was then moved to Methotrexate, nearly 3 months of that woke up with blisters through the inside and all over the outside of my mouth. Neither helped the PsA. Am now on Enbrel and having some GOOD days. There will always be the 'not so good ones', but like lamb says "better, not best".

As I told the Doctor, I can tell it is working because Friday 5:00 pm is shot time and Fridays are rough, I can feel it wearing off. I am at max of 50 mg a week, he said there is another drug that I could use twice a week, but he wanted me on Enbrel for another 6 months. Which will total 9. This will take me to the end of January, and like I told him, winter will be the big test, that is when I really suffer!

Others use these drugs and notice a difference, it helps them, but I was not one of them. Hope you are getting some relief!



The rheumatologists I see are father and son. The son wanted me to try enbrel or humira; but the father won the argument!

Well, if this is not successful, then Enbrel should be next in line, and you will need to have your voice heard. Enbrel has helped many of us, and surely should be considered!

i take sulfasalazine! 3 pills twice a day. ive been on it for a while and the symptom i notice the most is that it makes my urine darker if i dont make sure to drink a lot of water. it took a while to work but it did help a little. the change wasnt too dramatic so i now take methotrexate as well and am feeling better.

Since I started the medication in March, I have been taking both sulfasalazine and Mtx both. My rheumy has changed the dosage of Mtx from time to time but sulfsalazine has been a constant for me(twice daily). No side effects that I can really tell. Overall, my pain and inflammation have gone down considerably. My Rheumy is very happy with my progress and he has advised to continue sulfasalazine while reducing Mtx (15mg per week).

So, can't really tell whether its sulfasalazine or Mtx or combination of both that is working for me.

I have taken MTX for a year and the results are good. But I still have substantial pain and stiffness. I have taken the sulfsalazine for almost a week with no major side effects; and I am hoping for progress too. Thanks for your comments.

Wishing you progress, for sure! Let us know how it goes!

Best to you,


Sulfasalazine HAS worked for me so far. I also take a lot of supplements (fish oil, flax oil, multi-vitamin, extra Vitamin C, probiotic) and I keep my diet pretty healthy (less wheat, dairy and sugar).
But I do notice if I miss a dose or 2 of Sulfasalazine pills… 2 or 3 days later i’ll be inflammed and in pain.

I think it’s worth a try for anybody new to this disease.

Mind you, any drug when combined with an unhealthy lifestyle (lack of sleep, very little exercise, crappy diet, stress) is less likely to work.

Sulfasalazine was my first drug. Was ok until the 2 pills a day went up to 4 per day. Then the blinding migraines started. I perservered for 6 months but had to come off it. A big fail because of the migraines but also because it did nothing for my PsA symptoms. Good luck, I hope it works for you.

Sulfasalazine was one off my first drugs I was prescribed being diagnosed. I felt it did nothing but give me heartburn although I was taking something to protect my stomach. When my first rheumy couldn’t explain why inwasntaking it and insisted I keep taking it, I jumped ship and am now seeing my awesome rheumy.

Hi Sulfsalazine was one of my first treatments the first week I was ok then the longer I was on it the worse I became it affected me mentally it came to the point I had trouble driving because I was not with it in the head and felt everything was closing up on me so I phoned my Rhuemy and told him and he told me to stop it straight away as I was having a reaction to it and then he put me on methotrexate

I also just finished taking it and am meant to take it now with methotrexate. But I am not. I actually got worse on it, constant nausea and fanta colored pee. Lol. And headaches. Everyone is different though

Haven't taken Sulfsalazine but only lasted three months on MTX before blood tests showed liver damage - six months of no pain killers and no anti-inflammatories before the results were relatively normal again. But can't overload the liver even now because I fatigue easily.

Had been flare free for about three years after three bouts of bone surgery but in last two weeks have a very sore left hand and one finger is very difficult to bend - over counter anti inflammatory tablets and creams are not working- and moving around is exhausting........ time for a referral back to rheumy for me methinks!