Iron Levels

Got blood results back today and I have a better understanding of why I feel so exhausted. I am severely anemic. My doctor said that my ferritin level should be between 80-100. It is 4. My hemocrit level should be around 25% and it is at 2%. (i hope i am saying these correctly, it was all such a blur)

She put me on twice a day supplements but said that if I have not made dramatic improvement in one month that I will have to see a hematologist and get iron infusions. I had taken the FMLA paperwork in to the appointment to ask if ththorough fill them out for intermittent leave. She took the papers so quickly and said that I was going to need them filled out. I have been afraid that I might lose my job because I have had to take so many days off due to illness and doctor appointments. The FMLA is just in case I need to take more time off this year. The doctor made me feel like I was doing the right thing. This disease has made me question so much about my day to day actions, mostly because other people do not see the toll that PsA takes. I guess I have been trying to push myself.

I am shocked a little but also a little relieved to know that the exhaustion is not just in my head or just the PsA. There is treatment that I can try that can help me feel better and hopefully participate more in my life.

Wow - those levels are low! It may also be helpful to add more iron through dietary changes - iron is most bioavailable through food. I've never had a problem with my iron levels, and I think that's mostly due to eating lots of leafy greens and cooking with cast iron. My doctors are always amazed that with everything I have going on, my iron levels are fine.