I joined this group a few months back but just logged on.

I was diagnosed with PsA August 2015 by an Urgent Care physician in a small town. She referred me to a rheumatologist who confirmed the diagnosis. I will always appreciate the astuteness and straightforwardness this doctor had, because she saved me a lot of time on getting to the road to recovery and wellness.

Before my diagnosis I had frequent lymph infections, psoriasis on my scalp and ears, undiagnosed stress fractures in my left foot/ankle, and chronic aches I attributed to working on my feet all day in retail. I was 23 years old and thought all this pain/sickness was normal.

Approaching one year later, I am healthy and doing fairly well. It took several months of perseverance, grit, and pure hell to get here, but I am a full-time graduate student, employed researcher, and have a part-time job at an office. The impossible is possible.

My rheumatologist is progressive and aggressive, therefore I was fortunate enough to begin the biologic enbrel just 8 weeks after my diagnosis (at this point I was completely nonfunctional from joint pain/immobility in my feet, spine, shoulders, neck and jaw and could barely walk). I also use methotrexate as a weekly sub-q injection. I use MG-17 shampoo for psoriasis. I also sometimes walk with a cane when my dignity can handle it.

In addition to medicine, I take fish oil, biotin, and folic acid daily, and use other non-prescription alternative techniques for wellness. I am open to learning other strategies for wellness and health and look forward to using this forum. I currently do not know anyone personally with PsA, and know very few people with chronic illness at my age.



Hi and welcome NxNW22 I think you are extremely lucky to have hit on a medical professional who is willing to go straight to Biologics treatment. It took me 15 months and 3 of those in extreme pain to qualify for Biologic treatment here in Australia. It sounds to me like you have great care and if this combinations works for you then it is the best for you.

This is a great caring group of people as we are all in the same boat and understand completely where you are.

Good luck and I know there are other youngsters like yourself :) here on this forum




How wonderful it is to hear of astute doctors and aggressive treatment. This isn't generally the norm here, so it is refreshing to hear a story like yours. Hang on to that rheumatologist!

There's lots of information here, between our Newbies' Guide and the many discussion sections. Put your feet up and make yourself at home. We're so glad that you found us, and we hope that you are too.


So glad Enbrel is working so well for you! I hate to hear of such a young person afflicted with PsA. I also had psoriasis at your age and it started with a vengeance, but my arthritis didn't get bad until I was in my 50s. When I hear of younger people with it I can't help but worry one or more of my kids or grandkids will have it someday, and I so hope and pray that never happens!

Finally I know someone else who uses the MG shampoo. It worked so well for me! Enbrel has cured my scalp psoriasis, though, so I rarely need to use it anymore. It does stink, but when it stopped the itching and scaling, I loved it.

Good luck!

Hi north and welcome.

I've read your post a few times now - sounds like the perfect meeting of good luck (well, eventually) and determination. It's great to hear that you are now doing well and that PsA has not been allowed to stop you getting where you want to be.

Just one good doctor can make a huge difference, you've hit the jackpot with 2.

I hope you continue to go from strength to strength.