Me I am terrified of spiders but with a husband who keeps one as a pet and 4 sons in the house and a cray tomboy daughter who thinks bugs are cool I am totally outnumbered. I wanted to make a gift for my husband who has been amazing last week, he had to do all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry and go to all of our appointments while we were waiting for the hand control on my wheelchair to be repaired and then when we found out it also needs a new battery, but what does one make a guy who has collections of like everything… Well you make him something completely different and so I put my favorite crafting style to good use and made him beaded spiders. I am so glad I gave this new idea a try because he absolutely loves them, and I have to say now they we have pretty spider in the house that can’t bite or scare me I am kinda liking them too.