Imaging of abdominal cavity complete guts

I am the most imaged patient on this site! My Hematologist wants to image all my organs with ultrasound imaging, so I am getting that Wednesday. Nothing serious I hope! I have a early type of non hodgkins lymphoma they call it “smoldering Waldentröm’s macroglobulimia” just this disease fills up the line on most medical forms, asking for: List diseases… I always say, “see attached page”, or I will list it as WM, so then they will ask, what is that? Then I can be a smarty pants and say “oh, why that is Waldentröm’s Macroglobulemia of course” then they have to go in the back office to Google it… :sweat_smile: WM is thought to be caused by systemic inflammation, they did a study out of Norway, I think it was. They found that untreated inflammation caused this cancer. So those who are afraid of having biologic treatment for fear of getting cancer, this is probably a greater danger, that unchecked inflammation causes.
So they pretty much look at every organ, even the pancreas, which must be pretty hard to image, they have to image through the liver duct, bouncing there waves around… I know I have gallstones, they showed up on a chest CT scan in 2015, hopefully that will still be fine, seems to be working, when I eat Italian food…
One thing for PsA people to get checked out, the ascending Aorta, mine is enlarged, it is common with auto immune disease, due to inflammation.
Next weeks imaging is a little more intrusive, they are imaging the prostrate, which I can only imagine will not be something to write about my happy experience…
So keep me in your thoughts and prayers that everything is where it is supposed to be! :+1:


Jon, I love to hear your imaging adventures! I’m currently waiting for a CT scan (not PsA related), and wonder if I’m not far behind!

I’ll have to look up that study, interesting about the inflammation link. Hope it all goes well for you and everything in there is still working!

Bouncing their waves through the liver duct - doesn’t bare thinking about really. But as always Jon me and that first cup of coffee were spluttering on reading your latest post. Best of luck from here too.

You’re a funny guy, our Jon!

But I bet you get the heebie jeebies sometimes, with all these investigations, even if you don’t show it. Wishing you all the best.

Me too @Jen - lungs. And just as Jon says, inflammation is in the frame. What was thought to be COPD or Asthma now looks like it may be inflammation-related.

@Sybil, I hope they get to the bottom of it and it can be brought under control, this seems to have been going on for a bit! Take care :grin:

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You are on my prayer list. God bless.

Thanks everyone! Yes, heebie jeebies is right! My brother got pancreatic cancer last year, so far he survived the 10 hour Whipple surgery, chemo, radiation, etc etc. He even went camping on his motorcycle during chemo! Tough dude, hard to slow him down… I believe is facing my fear head on, so this is good to get a baseline of the diseases, see if their is any problems, then we can check back in a couple years to use this as a reference. Usually they don’t find cancers like pancreatic cancer until it is stage 4, so if something like that is lurking around I want to identify it early. Have real good doctors at Scripps La Jolla, the Hematologist is leading in his field, that said I was explaining to him that macroglobulemia meant “macro” large, “globule” cell, he went “oh!” Yes, good hands here… :rofl::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy::sweat_smile::rofl:
That is the characteristics of the M protein the cancer cells in the bone marrow produce, they are large and clog the blood stream. I guess my doctor was sick that day in Med school…
So had my last meal at midnight, It is fasting for the next 10 hours!

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So went in for my imaging, the pretty technician said, “oh I imaged you last time”, me being with brain fog from fasting said “what did you image?” She said with out pause, “YOUR TESTICLES.” this is how my day started… :roll_eyes:
I was like “oh ya…” she said, “yes, I understand it would be something you would want to forget…”
She was kind of mater of fact, Ukrainian, but a nice lady. I explained that I figured out that the testes problem was due to my Lumbar radiculopathy, and that specialists always focus on their area, in this case… She asked my profession, I said I used to be a electrician, makes perfect sense, we look for short circuits!
I assured her I had no gas, gas is the worse for US imaging of the intestines, she said right… and showed me huge gas bubbles… blocks out all the images of the intestines. Oh well. At least she got clean images of the liver, spleen, kidneys, and hopefully pancreas, but probably it was blocked by gas bubbles… I said what do you expect having me fast? I blow up like a big gas bubble! :flushed:
I have one large cyst on my liver, but I think it is just benign, the website said they are “always benign”… It was there on the CT and they were not excited about it then. Will get the results tomorrow, so will find out if they will hollow me out like a canoe. :scream:


All my guts, are normal guts!
I have a 18 mm hemangioma on my liver, but that is benign.
So I am good to go!


That’s great news. Congrats.

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Fabulous news, just fabulous!

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Wonderful news, thank you for explanations,

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