I'm pregnant, unexpectedly ... but all the same HAPPY... any advice in dealing with PSA and the changes that are coming?

Hey guys ! Its been ages since i was last on this website. I hope your all well !!

Dealing with daily challanges with PSA in tow, 2 years I was moved (thankfully away from methotrexate) onto Humira... My life started to seem possible again. Continuing my career as a professional dancer and achieving basic daily goals that I thought would never happen again!!

Anyway I am now 25 and my partner and I have always dreamt of having our own family... but when the time is right and my health is in a good state. Lately I have been flaring... so ideally not a perfect timing.

So long story short, 2 weeks ago I found out I'm pregnant and it wasn't planned (I at least lost all trust in my body, to be able to successfully do something natural again is mind blowing!!) ... so its been 2 WHOLE weeks without humira... and to be honest, I'm scared. Of course I naturally want this pregnancy as I feel being a mother runs through me... however I cannot deny the fear factor that is kicking in. My pain is slowly creeping up. I know they say you can go into remission during pregnancy etc.. which would be amazing however what if it doesn't? Or if it does what about after the baby arrives ?

Thanks for taking the time to read this guys !!

Love Sarah xx

Hi Sarah, let me be the first to congratulate you and your partner :)

Since you were last here we've made a few site changes and if you now look in the Newbies Guide there are some articles in there ... and I know you'll be interested in the PsA, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.

I hope other mums and mums to be respond to your post but if not then you may want to re-post it as a Discussion which generally gets more views and replies.

Again, congratulations and wishing you all the best.

Hey Jules ! Thank you for your kind words and advice... I have just re-posted it as a discussion !

best wishes Sarah :)