I'd like to report a person with psoriasis drinking 2 beers

Yes doctor, she knows she’s not supposed to drink, she knows she’s supposed to take better care of herself. Take her back to the Remicade infusion center? I don’t think she’ll go without a fight!

Just joined this site, your pics are crackin’ me up. One of my biggest issues since starting MTX is NO MORE BEER! or at least very little. I have lots of friends that love to party and I’ve been trying to hide my condition but it’s going to come out and I’m not sure how to deal with it. Hope you’re doing well.

I hear you! I'm in the Marine Corps and my job prerequisite requires me to out drink everyone who challenges

Yes i too imbibe though the doc says" no no" 3 is my limit . Love your sense of humor. thanks for the chuckle.