I think I'm turning into a barometer!

Last week, especially the last couple of days I was feeling really bad. Began with the fatigue and my SI, then my feet began hurting. And throughout the week the weather temperature dropped drastically and there was a really heavy snowfall. We hadn't seen it snow this heavily for like five years or so, even though my city is famous for its cold weather. Then, when I was convinced it was about to become a full blown flare, I woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine, and the temperature had risen 9 C overnight, and snow was melting really fast. I went to school, came back home, it was really warm. Then, suddenly I felt a stabbing pain in my SI, and five minutes later the temperature had dropped back to 0 C, in like 15 minutes, and now there is a snowstorm.

I think I'm slowly turning into a barometer. Kafka had at least woken up one day to find himself metamorphosed into a beetle and that's kinda cool!! :) Turning into a barometer, not so much! :)

I was wondering if you guys were this sensitive to changes in weather and barometric pressure. Or am I overly sensitive?

It might be just random, although it might be interesting to take note of this over time. There certainly are people who are sensitive to changes in barometric pressure. It can make minor changes in the pressure in your joints and some people are very sensitive to these changes. I am not sensitive to this at all.

I happen to be sensitive to seasonal changes, probably due to allergies although it may be other reasons. Who knows? As your disease control improves this should improve as well.

Two big flares I had that made me go and see a rheumatologist were in seasonal changes. One was in May and the other was November. So I think I am sensitive to seasonal changes as well. But this feeling of small, shooting pains I get minutes before the rain or snow, along with overall small flares when the weather is changing are definitely interesting. I think it might be because my body hasn't adjusted to its new condition yet. I think it will be better in time as well.


my disease is FAR worse in the winter. The cold really affects me negatively and very changeable weather--those frequent ups and downs--are tough to handle. In the winter I need much more medicine and physical therapy to keep me mobile. In the summer I feel, generally, fine. I am beginning to contemplate moving to a warmer climate!

It looks like I might have to move to a much colder place in about six months! But it's supposed to be a much more stable cold, not like the sudden changes we get here. So it might be better I think. Anyway, I'll be going to my hometown in 10 days and it is much warmer than it is here, I just hope this sudden and drastic weather change doesn't turn out to be like a seasonal change for me, because it will be like another season over there :)

I'm sure the weather and temperature fluctuations could cause those sudden pains. Hey, I was just thinking--what do animals feel when they sense bad weather coming, before we see or feel it? Some people's bodies maybe are just sensitive enough to little changes in the barometric pressure that their body reacts. It's interesting, even though it's a pain in the butt!

A pain in the butt indeed, Grandma J, thanks to my inflamed SI joint :)

And also, I'm certain that I am in a full blown flare right now. I tried sleeping but I couldn't because of the pain. Well, nothing much to do now but take my medicine...