Does anyone use a barometer?

My DC tells me that when the barometric pressure drops it expands the body and causes it to ache, does anyone use one at home?

Don't need to, I know before the barometer does........ The weatherman CALLS ME

Ditto, no barometer needed here.

Oh, I hear you, both of you, all of you!

I can never find much about barometric pressure with weather forecasts and was curious about the level of the readings. At one time, seems like everyone had barometers hanging on a wall of their home, but I never knew anything about them. Not sure if they bought them, or it they were a gift of achievement from work.

Anyway, was wondering what the readings would be, like 'what would a 10 on the Richter scale'?

BTW tnt, I have been thinking about your beerfest day when they picked you up and dropped you off after you tasted the brews! What a deal! I could go for that or a wine tasting trip through Napa again! Dream on! Not a big drinker, and not to drink on these meds, but I surely could tie one on today! It's cold, raining and even some sort of toddy would be very soothing as even my hair hurts! I know all the recipes, I was a bartender back in the 80's! Wish they would have had the buses then, we did have the deal with the cabs, and I called many a 'happy customer' a cab!


No drinks, went to bed and slept through the night and day! Yipee!

Yay for sleep, SK!!!

As for the barometer - not needed here. I can predict a drop in barometric pressure better than the meteorologist.

No, but I go to Accuweather for my city and see how the upcoming week rates on an arthritis scale. They also have a scale for sinus, allergies and migraines, I believe.

Great, thanks Petunia Girl, maybe they will even have the barmetric pressure. I know, from my bones, but am interested in the reading anyway.