I really need to share this!

I was diagnosed with PsA 21 months ago, it has been a horrible and painful experience. I have been on all pain killers, steroids, and only one biologic (Humira). Four months ago I was on 2400 mgs of gabapantin, 250 of tramadol, Hydorcodoone, naproxen, efexor, cymbalta, prednisone and Humira. I was a total junkie, lol. Nothing was working and I was in horrible pain, exhaustion everything you name it. So I went to my rheumy and pain docs and they advised me that I should start trying to get of the prednisone, little by little and use it only when needed and keep the pain killers. so I did I started with the prednisone of course I was in pain. Then two months later, I was all dopped, waking up at 1 or 2 in the afternoon, my life just wasting away and I was just so tired of feeling this way that i just decided to leave all pain meds. I started going to the gym, Oh my gosh I did treadmill 3 minutes and a couple of weight machines 2 reps each and that sent me on bed rest for 3 days, as soon as I felt ok again I went again, and again and again. I did a lot of research on vegetable that help with joint swelling and I found a recepie for carrots, celery and one orange, put them in the juicer and started taking it every day after my 5 minute workouts, a couple of days later I found some very good info on aloe vera plants, so i went to the nursery and bought ten of them and started to add one piece of the plant to my juiece every day. well 7 weeks later, I proudly go to the gym twice a day, do a full work out, do the weight machines for strengt (I dont drop things anymore), I feel strong, positive, free. I even dare to say that sometimes I feel normal again. Today is my 4th day of wearing heals, kind of retrainning my self again. But I dont know, the juice, the excersice or the combo of both. But something is triggering in me. I go to my rheumy next month and I cant wait to see my labs and tell him the only meds I'm on is Humira and 2 diabetes meds. I just wanted to let you know that 4 months ago I was on my way to buy a cane or a walker and instead I just tried something else, hey what else do I have to loose time, I have that already because of PsA. Now I'm starting to really enjoy life again!!!!

Congratulations to you!!! You had the courage to try something different. It is always good to hear a positive story. Keep up the good work & be sure to keep us posted on your progress. HUGS!!!!

Yeah for you!
Very inspiring.

That's wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing! This is amazing...you keep on keeping on!

Thank you for sharing! Lovely story! Way to GO!

Thank you for your wonderful optimism ! fantastic spirit xx