I made it a year!

So yesterday was the one year mark of when I was diagnosed. Let's just say I've made it so far. Some pain is slowly returning and I don't quite know what we will do till I go to the Rhumey on the 29th. I am on Humira now and have been for oh about 5 months give or take some time. Any ideas on what doc may do? Also chest pains are back and they are on both sides, any ideas what that is?

Happy anniversary, Morgan! And you sound much happier than you were a year ago. You’ve come a long way, girlfriend!

I was at the rheumatologist’s last week, and I commented that I’m having more pain at the moment. She rolled her eyes and said “You and everyone else”. A lot of people here find the changing seasons bring with them an increase in pain. This disease waxes and wanes, and you learn how to ride it out.

Did you have any fun this summer? Do tell!

Well, after turning 16 I grew up and started working. It's nice. Now, with this pain it started coming back around July. I don't know if that changes anything or not?

I hope your rheumy appointment turns out good and your pain is like what Seenie says--maybe the pains that are kept under control for the most part from Humira do break through during underlying flares. But, it would be nice to know what causes the flares. It certainly could be barometric pressure or changes in the temperature outside, or maybe it's the food we eat. We can only imagine the number of different "triggers". It sure would be nice to know exactly what's going on so we wouldn't need to worry so much and we could avoid whatever it is that causes the breakthrough symptoms!

Oh, and the chest pains--I've had so much trouble with that type of pain. It's unnerving because it's so close to that pump that we can't live very long if it's malfunctioning! I've had mega tests on my heart and it's supposedly in good shape, so hopefully, if you do have some heart tests, you will be satisfied that the pain is in your ribs or neck radiating around that area and making you so uncomfortable with pains that mimic impending heart attack!

Great to hear you have had a pretty good year. Hope you find out something from the rheumy and can get relief from the aches you started having again.

That's wonderful that you have been doing well on Humira and even got a job! The chest wall pain could be enthesitis. I just started having more problems with that, but I'm just sitting on it for now, after adding back in an NSAID. Definitely mention it, but it is that time of year for a flare. The change of seasons into and out of summer seems to be a big flare time for a lot of people.

If you're not taking an NSAID, could you consider adding that in until you see the rheumy? I've got instructions that it's acceptable for me to do so on my own.