I know this isn't about our issues but I have to post about my babies

Today rates as one of my best days ever! Not only did I get to see Deb, Craig and the boys but I actually got to change John's diaper and take his temperature! In your head you know these babies are tiny but it isn't until you do something like this that you realize just how small they are. I sat with them while they were "kangarooing" and it was awesome to watch. The boys would snuggle against their bodies and looked like they were trying to hold Deb and Craig, it was amazing. At times they were awake and looking at us and others just snuggling with their mom and dad. I cannot wait for the day to come when they are big enough that I can actually hold those precious babies! Deb is doing great and looks amazing to have just delivered twins 4 days ago. Craig is to supportive and wonderful to her, what a great son-in-law! The boys are doing very well, getting better and stronger every day, love that they are a little fiesty when making them do something they apparently don't want to do! Keep Deb and Craig in your thoughts tonight as they leave the hospital without their babies, but know that all is well and it won't be long before they are all together as a family!