I am so upset!

I asked for a referral and the receiving doctors said no b/c “I already had a Rheumatologist”. I am so mad at how my general practitioner has handled my case. I never wanted to see the last quack he sent me to (who says arthritis can be cured by a Vegan diet). I had requested a referral to an office that states on their website that PsA is one of their areas of specialty. But I trusted my GP’s recommendation. Now I am without any treatment (i.e., medicine) and no Rhuemy!

I now do want to report that effer now because he is interfering with my healthcare!!!

I went to the ACR website. Does anyone know If I really can report a Rhuemy that makes this claim: “arthritis can be cured by a Vegan diet” ??? If yes, does anyone knows the steps to complete this task?

Would have thought you would be able to change the rheumatologist it only like asking for a second opinion I would keep making a doctors appointment until he gets sick of seeing your face he will soon refer you then if i was you I woud keep trying he would get sick of me before i got sick of badgering him. Good Luck hope you get a new rheumy soon

The only way this can happen is if you are in an HMO with a very tight contract. Michigan however has lead the country in patirnt rights. A call to your state insurance commisioner will get things fixed fast. Sounds like your PCP needs an attitude adjustment even an HMO will respect a change request. Your state medical board is the place to lodge complaints about quacks.

A POS also includes referral management, though you can get your own specialist by going out of network. Can you just find a new GP?

I don’t have an HMO. I thinks it’s considered a PPO? Not sure. This didn’t happen when I asked for the last referral. But, that referral was to a doc. That my primary picked. The office I asked for was in network. I checked it out on the insurance carriers website to make sure.

Did you tell your PCP why you want a new rheumy? If you did, do the two of them golf (or worse) together? Is one married to the other one's cousin? It seems funny that he/she won't let you switch.

I'm on a PPO, although in a different state, and I don't need referrals to see specialists. If you're not in an HMO are you sure you have to have one? Does the other rheumy require it? If you do have to have a referral, can your OB/GYN or someone like that write it? If I were in your shoes I think I would be shopping for both a new PCP and a new rheumatologist. One other trick to try: several years ago I found that a phone call to the state insurance commission could work wonders.

You can also check reviews and pick your own rheumy, inside your network, that you want to go to. You are the healthcare consumer, and can fire your primary if that doc sucks and won't do what you want.

Correct you don't have to put up with anything you don't want to in a PPO and dang lttle anywhrte else.

Congrats on getting a new referral! Blurry eyes can be a sign of many things (inflammation, Sjogren's, etc).

I hope you report Mr. Vegan to the board of rheumatology. That's some bad medicine.

I think I accidentally deleted all that stuff I just wrote. Ugh! Thanks Marietta!

Dang it… Can you bring my post back Lamb! I accidentally deleted it.

Most importantly, I said thank you Louise fir this: Did you tell your PCP why you want a new rheumy? I wrote it all out so that when I got “whitecoat syndrome” or “inflammation brain” I was able to hand my GP my written out list. He said he’d call for the referral! (The last post was better but I’m tired now)