Pain Dr has passed me on

I have been going to pain dr for shoulder and lower back pain associated with my psa. Now they have passed me to my rheumy. And said they should handle every thing. Pain dr is the one who prescribed all my pain meds. It is so frustrating. He said i know it sounds like i am passing you off. Really?

I would find a different pain doctor. I have a rheumy and a pain doctor they do totally different things and my rheumy doesn't order pain meds. So sorry you are being passed off but it is a pain doctors job for the pain meds.

Get your rheumy and pain doctor to talk to each other and plan together. If they want to, push them to do so. It's their job!

Both of the folks that have replied before me have excellent suggestions. I see both a rheumatologist and a pain specialist. They do different things and will co-ordinate their care if it does happen to cross over. Both of my doctors are board certified in their fields which means that a group of their colleagues has developed a course of training and experience they must have completed to be certified and they are required to continue their training. The group that certifies pain specialists is totally different than the group that certifies rheumatologist.

That pain doctor doesn't sound reliable to me and you need to find someone else. Ask your rheumy. They may be able to suggest a good pain doctor for you.

The thing is i am going to a teaching hospital, a very popular one. They are on a computer system so they know exactly what the other one presribes. My rheumy doesnt prescribe any pain meds thats the point of the pain dr. I am confused.

Well, if you're being "passed over" is it because the current treatment isn't working at all and something that falls under the care of the rheumy? In this case, ask directly why you're being passed off and explain your situation about your rheumy not being able to give you pain meds. Otherwise, those two doctors will have to speak with one another about the situation or at least have a memo explaining why the current pain treatment should be done by your rheumy. Good luck.

Under the new privacy laws, I had to request that my Rheumy send all his notes to my GP, Spine Dr and Pain Management Dr. and My Pain Management Dr send all their notes to my Rheumy, Spine Dr. and GP. I signed a release form from each office to allow this to happen. You may need to do the same depending on where you live. It keeps everyone in the loop. They are all in the same Clinic just different locations with the exception of my Rheumy.

That makes no sense. A pain dr. deals with managing pain. A rheumy deals with managing your disease.

Most rheum.'s don't deal with pain management. If your pain dr. is dumping you (and he's not "passing you off", he's dumping you into no-pain-management land), ask why. Ask why he thinks your pain no longer needs treatment. If he continues to be a jerk, get someone else.

Pain with a chronic condition doesn't just go away because a dr. feels it is time for it to be gone. Pain management is a lifelong issue for us.

Sorry you are dealing with this.

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