I am numpty - does this sound like PsA?

I've been allocated a new rheumy in a new hospital & am waiting to be contacted with further details. If necessary I'll take the initiative & phone the hospital but at the moment I do feel as if I'm in limbo.

So, naturally, although I've been feeling really well lately, things seem to be changing. Have had trouble getting out of bed despite sleeping better than usual - sooo sluggish. Once up, it's not so much the familiar fatigue that's getting me, but new pains in new places. The left side of my back feels as if I've got sunburn from neck down to bottom of shoulder blade - it's the skin that's sore though there's nothing to see. (I haven't had a psoriasis rash for nearly 20 years apart from small patch on elbow that didn't last). If I press on the base of the shoulder blade it's very tender as if someone's punched me. Upper spine and neck feel stiff but move okay. Left heel is sore.

Oh heck, now I've written all this down it seems obvious that this is PsA - don't know why I'm asking. But the long, sore patch on my back does seem a bit odd. Anyone else have similar things happen? I know I sound like a numpty but my PsA has so far tended to confine itself to knees and wrists and while I get weird sensations all over the show, this soreness is very different from anything so far.

I cannot tell you if it’s PsA, but I can tell you how I feel. Many doctors have misdiagnosed my PsA lesions as psoriasis. However, there is a district difference. Psoriasis patches typically have a burning sensation follo.wed by an itch. Sometimes there is pain, but it feels like a paper cut. The inflamed joints hurt when pressed - the same feeling as if someone pressed a bruise. Hope that help some

Sorry, that should have been psoriasis lesions if spelled that correctly. My joints are tender and burn when they flare. The permanent damage just hurts when there is no flare. There are other forms of psoriasis that can be tender such as inverse and pustular. Inverse typically occurs in the folds of the skin and is glossy in apperance. But to answer your questions, tenderness is common for me.

It might be possible that your rash is inverse psoriasis, and where there is inverse psoriasis there is bound to be a yeast infection. Inverse psoriasis is difficult to treat. Only two drugs that cleared mine were steriod injections and cyclosporin. Also, have you been tested and monitored for RA

The two places where predominantly have inverse is in my groin and my arm pits. Took twenty years to get that diagnosis. It really hurts when it goes uncontrolled. It’s not responsive to topologicals and deodorant in the armpits flares it up. I have an endless cycle of yeast and inverse. Maybe some else has some ideas for you.