Hurting and Discouraged

Yesterday morning I spoke to my surgeon. He heard the misgivings in my voice and suggested that we post pone this shoulder replacement surgery and try to go onto Actemra-, I agreed with the surgeon but still felt some misgivings about cancelling the surgery.

So yesterday I went to my endocrinologist who called the hospital to get my blood test results...and she came back into the examining room with a grim look on her face. It turns out that the MRSA I had several years back. For those of you who don't know, MRSA is a virulent infection that is resistant to antibiotics... So Not only was it good that my surgery was postponed but it meant too that I cannot proceed with the Actemra treatments. Yesterday I also saw my rheumy who was grateful we discovered this prior to treating me with could have easily killed me.

Right now I'm just hurting badly and feeling discouraged. It just seems that every single time I make a move to try to get this disease subdued there is something that pops up to get in the way.
Today I have to call the infectious disease doc and see what she wants to do.
Please pray for me for fortitude and encouragement.

So sorry to hear about this. You're in our thoughts.

I'm sorry about this. But so glad that your surgery was postponed, that could have turned into a disaster. Hopefully this winds up being just a brief postponement of treatment.

Woah. A real good news/bad news episode for you. Here’s hoping you find that inner strength to make it your appointments and follow whatever advice you are given to get you back in good health. If they didn’t ache so much I’d cross my fingers for you :wink: