I start humira next week. I have a training at my doctors office for it scheduled.
I really hope it doesn’t kill me. I’m terrified of biologics. :frowning: My doctor strongly advises this treatment for me and I feel like I’ve run out of steam saying no.

:frowning: so worried and scared!

Lena, may I speak to you as a stern but loving parent?

Aw, Lena! I know you're a lot younger and have a young child, which are a couple extra reasons to be scared of humira. But, like the mods always say, fear the disease. I'm sad for you, but would be so happy too if humira does for you what Enbrel did for me. Idk anything about the safety of humira during pregnancy, but your doctor wouldn't encourage you to take something that would endanger an unborn baby. He would require you to go on birth control, I think. At least that's what my daughter's Dr had her do when he put her on a certain bp med.

I was as fearful as you--idk if you remember my discussions and blogs this spring. I waited 6 years from diagnosis before going on a biologic, and I wouldn't take anything else. I know your diagnosis was a long time've suffered enough. I tried all the natural remedies, too, hoping for a simple cure all.

I'll be thinking of you--it'll be okay. You'll be sooooooo happy if it works. If, unfortunately, it wouldn't work, there are so many other biologics ppl have had success with when one failed. I think once you take this first step, your confidence will be up. You go, girl!!!!!!

Lena....I understand your concerns, but Humira has been a God Send for me! It took a couple of weeks to kick in good but after that....the Psoriasis that covered me head to toe...and EVERYWHERE in between was going away quickly! And the pain was cut in half or better! I pray you have as good or better results! Have hope! :)

Lena--are you still sacred? Try to relax. A biologic, such as Humira, is the medicine you need. While it may look scary, have you read the warning label on, say, a bottle of Advil? I've been on Humira for almost a year and it is really a non-event. What I mean is that the shots are easy (I do pre-filled syringes not the auto-inject pen) and there are no side effects for me. I just take my shot and carry on with life. As I've written before, I've taken my shot in the car on the way to the airport and once on the way to dinner, in bed because I forgot to take it earlier in the day, ad right before jumping in the hot tub. The shots don't run my life but without Humira I wouldn't have much of a life.

So, fear not, Lena. The steady march of the disease is FAR scarier than the medicine that can halt its progress.

I’m doing pretty well, I’m feeling better and haven’t had any issues. My most recent injection didn’t even bruise. I’m still worried about the side effects but I’m focusing on the benefits I’m experiencing and getting on with life. Thanks everyone. :slight_smile: