How to be a pushy UK patient!

I originally posted this on the main forum before we had Cuppa House:

Picked up a copy of the Daily Mail yesterday which, being Tuesday, was Good Health section day. It included an article called How to be a pushy patient and I was hooked from the moment I read a quote from Professor David Haslam head of NICE, the organisation that approves treatments for use in the NHS. He says "Even when we go and see them we are just too timid with our doctors".

The article goes on to cover some of the things we are legally entitled to under the NHS Consitution:

Getting the latest drug treatment
Choosing a specialist or where to have an op
Seeking a second opinion
Seeing your medical records
Unhappy with your GP's care
Taking part in a clinical trial

Well worth a read on the link above.

This article contains some great advice! Well worth the read. Thanks for posting, Jules.