Hopefully my story might help you

I have had psoriasis since39 years old now 59. Today, my skin is clear, my joints are pain free and I can go outside without people staring and children asking their mother what's wrong with me. I am not on any medication.

Until I was 58, I had intermittent patches on my elbows, knees, knuckles, toenails and eyelids which I rarely treated, I have also had intermittent joint pain/swelling.

I have discovered the following over the last three month which may or may not be of help to you.

. I have used methotrexate in long time and immune system drug (neotigason ) in long time without any result now I am using natural plants that my herbalist have recommended to me this way is correct in this method our herbalists believe that our kidney is swelled and big intestine have fever for removing these problem they are recommending some plants as 1- flix-weed (descurainia Sophia ) one or two spoon from it in one glass water in 5 minutes boil it and cool down and drink use it( 1-2 )fasting time a day -2 mix (1-2) spoon ( zizy phus spina christi) powder to one or two glass yogurt and apply on the wound be 5 minutes after this time wash it also use in taking the bath do it .do not use shampoo and soap. psoriasis is not ending with wound under this problem is arthritis my program in plant have this role that can remove the arthritis . these plants 1-amaranth 2- zizy phus jujube (jujube tree ) 3- urticadioica (stinging nettle ) 4- cassia fistula (golden shower tree ) 5- berberis 6- seed from fenugreek 6- seed from coriander 7- common chicory green leaf and stem 8- fumitory . prepare from every plants in 50 or 100 gram and mix some of it such as one or two spoon boil in 5 minutes after cool down and filtering drink one glass from it (1-2)time a day .all plants as leaflet search in wikiped.org .this plant after grinding must use as to gargle with water (gargling) name is ( terminalia chebula ) . psoriasis have diet food that we must do it . we can not eat ( grape – melon – water melon- pepper – rice –( hen – cow – fish meat ) – macaroni – egg – candy –chocolate – walnut and another ) these foods you can use ( natural milk and yogurt – fruits – any foods are in cool nature ).

That is good, that you have seen such improvements. You pointed out that you are under the care of an herbalist. Taking herbs and supplements without trained guidance can be dangerous if you are not trained. This is something to not take lightly.

Dear friend stoney

Hello – thank for add a comment to my article , you wrote ( taking herbs and supplements without trained guidance can be dangerous if you are not trained , ) you are right , but before I use herbs plants I have searched in the Wikipedia org and then I used it , and these plants are known for us and are growing near us from old time people are using its for food or illness remedy . thank again