Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

No swelling no pain

I know you will not take me into consideration. Because your pain is intolerable and you are already on lots of medication and you are under doctor control.

But you still have pain, swollen fingers, wrists and ankles.

Besides your liver and kidney are damaged by reason of medication.

Why doesn't it heal?

I had specified formerly, i was a psoriatic arthritis patient.

I have checked the date for my last sharing in this forum. 14 October 2013.

Why haven't i been visiting this forum since 14 October 2013?


I forgot those :)


I used the medications my doctor gave only along 3 months. And I gave up!

Because i knew if i used these medications my all life, my liver, stomach and kidney would be damaged. I researched any alternative method to get rid of arthritis. I found!

To get rid of psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis, firstly you must regulate your bowel via some natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial foods. This takes a time. You must be enduring.

To get rid of swollen joints and pain, you must use cherry stalk. It will not damage to your body.

Try just one time! You will bless me. Go to a herbalist in your city and demand a small bag cherry stalk.

Go home, put more or less 70-80 cherry stalk into a metal pot, add 1,5 glass of water and place the metal pot to cooker in the lowest heat. You had better close the metal pot to prevent evaporation of water. Let the water boil(5 minutes). The water will be red color. And wait a little time to be steeped(10 minutes).

Your cure is ready. Drink when it is drinkable temperature.

Make this cure just one time in a day. Drink every day this cure along 15 days. You will see the difference. You can continue to use the cure how long you like.

Your family can drink the juice. It has good taste.

Remember to drink 3-4 glass of natural water in a day.

Have healty days

While it is good to hear that you are doing well, what you are doing is NOT a cure and is not scientifically proven.

As a reminder to new people on this site, While remission may be possible, it is not accomplished through quack “cures”. Please notice that this person is not actually asking for emotional support

Thank you, Stoney. I, too, am glad that you are doing well, Quasi. This site, though, has adopted as its mission support, and information about treatments which are evidence-based. By evidence-based, we mean treatments which have been proven effective by sound scientific methodology.

Quasi, you’ve found something that seems to be working for you, but which has not (yet?) been proven to work scientifically. There are many websites which specialize in sharing such information. This is not one of them.

Again, I am glad that you are well. But we cannot promote or condone treatments such as the one you are suggesting. I am closing this discussion to further comment.