So after 2 1/2 years of different meds (Multi biologics, lefludomide, plus others and constant pain Meds) TODAY was a good day. I’m on my third week of Otezla, and just got out of the pool after almost an hour. Of SWIMMING. Can’t remember the last time I could do that. I’m tired, but not beaten. Which I’ve been for the last six months or so. Am I hopeful because I think this is a miracle drug that will be my final savior? We’ve all been around this block before. I have expectations that someday this too will cease to work. So why hope? Because it worked TODAY. Because I continue to read about new drug trials, because of things like Ben’s Friends that bring a name and face to what we fight with everyday. Because even the insipid “Double Whammy” commercial is getting the disease to the masses. Because after 120 bad days, TODAY was a GOOD day. And so I have hope.

What a wonderful, positive post, Candi! Makes me feel hopeful and positive, just reading it. BTW, please keep us updated on how things are going with Otezla – it’s so new that we don’t have a lot of people here with experience with it.

Seenie, I was running out of options. Infusions was next on the list. Then this was approved. The first two weeks were rough. They weren’t kidding about naseau and headaches. But now that is lessening. My Rheumy thinks eventually this will be a combo with biologics if the price can come down. It was much less than the biologics so insurance jumped on the fact he wanted to try this. They too have a copay assistance which is always good :slight_smile:

Summer is always better, and a good soak in the pool always helps. Just it was nice to actually move around a bit more. Hopefully I will have some more positive updates.

A combo with biologics! That’s interesting, but I think your doc is right that the price would have to come way down for that. I’m sure your insurance loved this compared to infusions!

I love summer and pool time is good for me too. Keep us in the Otezla loop!

That is so great to hear! I'm glad you're having a good day. It's amazing what a difference it can make. I think most of us forget at some point what it's like to be pain free. Keep up the hope :)